Saturday, 31 October 2015


This year saw the return of Out Of This World to Sheffield city centre, the boys love to have their faces painted so I got the face paints and asked what they wanted.

Noah went with someone very close to his heart, someone that suits his personality down to a T .... Sadness!!

Ben wanted Iron Man, I've done this a few times now so getting a little better at it - but I always need to copy an online example to get it right.

Here's some of our pictures from the free superhero event ........






We also got the chance to sit on the Simpsons sofa ... how fab is that!  The photo was £6 which as the only real cost to the day wasn't bad.

(oh yes, I did my face up to look like Disguest with green face paint and long lashes)

Happy Halloween, whatever you choose to do.

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