Sunday, 11 October 2015

Christmas: The list you never knew you needed....

As Christmas fast approaches it's time to look at those gifts that you've only realised you need now you know they exist.

For years people have lived a happy existence 'making do' and just muddling through life but now there are gadgets to do those jobs and we wonder just how did we ever live without them,  Or fun things to make life just the little bit more interesting.

Here's my top tips of what to buy the person who has everything....

Stainless Steel Egg Topper
or "Egg scissors" as they have become known in our house.

No more holding your egg still in the egg cup while you battle with a knife to chop the top off this little gadget will snip it off for you.

Fridge Binz 

I place my items in the fridge and I take them out again.  I must admit I have never had a problem finding what I'm looking for.  But now Fridge Binz make fridge life so much easier with their trays that you can put things in - I particulaly like the fizzy pop ones!

Fridge Binz

Pizza Scissors 

This great value 2 in 1 pizza tool will cut and serve your pizza with ease.
Why battle with a knife (or pizza wheel) when these will cut through your pizza and lift it up.

Corn Kerneler

For when you just don't want to buy sweetcorn in a tin/ frozen.

Easily remove kernels from the cob in one quick motion by sliding this gadget from the narrow end of cob and press straight down to bottom, all the kernels collect neatly in holder with no mess to clean up

Have you got any great gadgets to share?

Disclaimer;  Not a sponsored post, however my links are Amazon affiliate.

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