Friday 23 October 2015

A night in with Lush

There's few shops I enjoy going in but as you've probably gathered from my blog Lush is one of them. I can't fault the staff at Meadowhall, whenever I go in with the boys they spot the frazzled look a mile off and take the boys to investigate a bath bomb or two while I have a good look.  So I was really excited to be invited to their special VIP night to celebrate the opening of their new store (still in Meadowhall but a but further along).

The store looked so inviting, a lovely new open front, New eco friendly display units and more space, meaning they can display more products.

With the store effectively closed the VIPs got to explore and try products to our hearts content with the staff on hand to assist, recommend and provide their wealth of knowledge with the added bonus of live music, bubble bar creating, hand and arm massages and skin consultations.

I made a quick stop at the perfume section to apply some 'lust' after rushing from work and forgetting to put any on before....

Bubble bar making

We were shown how to make our own comforter bubble bars, which the lovely people let us take home free of charge.

Step 1: With gloves on, take a ball each of magic pink and white mixture.

Step 2:  Push these 2 balls together.....
                                                            ..... and squash.

Step 3:  Roll the ball, forming a cone with your hands as you go. This binds the 2 colours together.
.....Squash the ball to the required thickness.

Repeat a couple of times.

Step 4:  In essence that's your bubble bar complete, however it remains soft and squishy for about 48h.

.....mine didn't look quite as good when it got home!

Then crumble under water to fill your bath with a lovely blackcurranty fragrance

Skin consultation

I have skin,I know that much. Ask me what type of skin I have and I really couldn't tell you.  The lush staff were on hand to help out and assist in choosing a suitable face mask. I loved the chocolatey one 'Cupcake' but as that was for more teenagery/ oily skin it wouldn't have done me any favours.  

The lady tried 2 different ones on my hands to see which I preferred 'Don't Look at Me' (made with murumuru butter, ground rice, zingy lemon juice,  grapefruit oil, rice syrup, Tunisian neroli and organic silken tofu) and 'Love Lettuce' (agar seaweed gel, honey and almond oil, French lavender and gently exfoliating almond shells).  Both products are designed to expand (not open ~ a common myth) pores and had exfoliating properties.   

At first glance and having been told the ingredients I know which I thought I preferred, however I was encouraged to smell them, see how my skin felt and when washed off see how my skin looked and felt again.

Whilst the 'Don't Look at Me' made my skin look brighter, even after a few minutes, the smell made me cringe.

'Love Lettuce' surprised me, I`ve said it before about lush products, I hate lavender!  But again I liked the smell that came with this product and was explained that's due to being fresh lavender oil rather that an artificial fragrance.

Can you tell which I came home with?

I've now used the love lettuce mask twice this week which is more than I normally would but that's because I hate to waste a product and the fresh face masks only have a couple of weeks shelf life.  This was relatively fresh into store (made on 8/10), and designed to last until 5/11, kept in the fridge.
The other thing I love about these masks are they are not designed to dry out on your skin,making bath night a great time to indulge.


Although I skipped on the hand massage (I'm not a fan of them by strange to be honest) I did check out their range of massage bars and added a couple to my Christmas list.

Lush's new store still has its extensive range of bubble bars and bath bombs  we all love and the Christmas Goodies are in full swing.  We were given a demonstration of golden wonder (which is in my stash). 



However I enjoyed taking the child free/ rushfree time (with cakes and bubbly) to look at some of the other products I'd not really considered before.

Shampoo bars - These are solid bars of shampoo, you simply rub them into your hair, lather and rinse.  The staff discussed the benefits (it's a great way to get around the liquid problems when flying) and reminded me to use the one I'd forgotten about in my 29 high street set.

Toothy Tabs These,we've found are a great alternative to toothpaste when camping and lush now sell them in 10 flavours so brushing your teeth no longer has to be a minty experience.

You simply crunch the tab between your teeth and then brush the residue with water.

Shower scrub I've been looking for a new exfoliater for a while and I after a good look/ feel I think I've found one to add to my collection.
Whilst the 'Salt and Peppermint Bark' is really convenient in it's block form I wasn't a fan of the smell.  'Rub Rub Rub' on the other hand is a tub of scrub but smells far sweeter.


Being October Lush had their amazing Christmas gift boxes out, but I'm saving that treat for another post.



I was soo busy I completely forgot to try out their make up ranges, will have to go back for another look!

I took so many pictures, here's the best of the rest.....









As a lush VIP we came away with lovely goody bags filled with 'Star Dust', '5 Gold Rings' and 'Limelight' Toothy Tabs',  as well as our free handmade comforter and face masks.   Can't wait to bring the boys up and see what they make of it.


Thank you Lush, Meadowhall.

Disclaimer: I was invited to Lush Meadowhall's VIP night, this post is my thank you and honest opinion.

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  1. OMG! I love literally Every Picture you posted here! Lush is so awesome, I should really go back there soon! I've never thought of shampoo bars for flying, such a good idea actually! So cool you could make your own bubblebar, that workshop looks like great fun!

    x Ilse