Monday, 5 October 2015

Reusable bags

I've been planning for a world of reusable bags for a while, I love them.  What I mean by that is I love how pretty they are and the different designs you can get..... I tend to forget that the point of them is to take them shopping with me.... oh well a great excuse to buy another one :)

With the 5p bag 'tax' now in force across England, joining Scotland and Wales, I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring you my run down of reusable bags (in no particular order).

Polypropylene Woven (plasticy feel) 

Tesco bring out new-style reusable bags more often then I can keep up with.  Some are of the Polypropylene Woven (plasticy feel) variety such as Bambi and Minions and they are such a collectors item.  They are strong and last for ages.

Size wise they can be a little bulky for carrying around with you but are fab for packing a picnic in or using to store clothes or toys in at home.  They do however do smaller ones if you only pop out for a couple of items.

These bags retail for £1 in Tesco (50p for the smaller ones) so really affordable.


Jute bags

Again, I get some of my jute bags from Tesco.  This is your Hessian style so really thick and super strong.  A lot of other shops also sell them.  Unfortunately I can't remember where these all came from but I'm pretty sure it was a discount shop (poundland or B&M).

These are fantastic for packing books in to move house as they are as strong as a box and stack well together.

Jute bags usually retail at £1.50+ depending of size.


I love the Jute bags from The Good Bag Co. and got to have a peak at the Christmas designs at the weekend which are every bit as good.

Size-wise jute bags are bulky and really difficult to pack up small for an impromptu shopping trip - you wouldn't want to carry too many with you.  However if you have a car I can imagine they'd be brill as they stand up well and keep their shape.

Canvas Bags

There is a huge market for canvas bags at the moment, you can pick them up from almost anywhere.  These alphabet ones I picked up last year in a discount store for Christmas with peoples initials on.  

We also got some from Hobbycraft that the boys customised themselves for grandparents.    When I visited Panache recently they gave me a lovely "Don't get your knickers in a twist" bag which pretty much goes everywhere with me.

Thanks for helping me with a pic The City Girls after I left mine at work - DOH!

I was flicking through the Boots Christmas catalogue earlier on and spotted that you can get your own photo put on a canvas bag, what a fantastic idea (unfortunately I can't find a link at the moment).

Out of all the reusable bag choices I think canvas ones are my favourite.  As a non-car driver I need my reusable bags to fit neatly into my other bags and these just squash so small you could fit them in your pocket if needed.

These vary greatly in price but really anywhere from £1+

Gift Bags

I just love the gift bags you get from blogger events, or larger shops around Christmas time (Clintons spring to mind).  Ok so you may not get many uses out of them but for those couple of trips you do they look pretty fab.  As for carrying them in your bag well they probably won't score top marks there either.


Price.... free

Special mention

I spotted this one by Frock as I was typing and had to give it a mention - if this doesn't remind you to pick the bag up when you leave the house I don't know what would..... and it's pink - there are not enough pink reusable bags!!

I'm waiting on some more info about this bag as their website is currently down, will update as soon as I can.  Meanwhile why not pop over to their facebook page or follow them on twitter.

My own bag idea......

I quite fancy getting one like this to market.  Every time you use it you get to colour in a '5p' with fabric pens.  Not only would you end up with a very pretty bag but you'd also get to see the satisfaction of seeing how much money you've saved (to treat yourself to something nice)...... like a new handbag...... hmmm I feel a trip to Hobbycraft on the cards.....

Do you have a tried a tested bag that will be taking the place of plastic carriers in your future shopping trips?

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