Sunday, 13 October 2013

2 adults, 2 children, 4 weeks - £200 - The summary


This months big challenge is the 2 children, 2 adults, £200 and 4 weeks challenge.

We spend tooo much on grocery shopping in this house..... we've cut down considerably but the last couple of months I've let things slip and now spend FAR tooooo much.

So with the cupboards and freezer looking a bit like Mother Hubbards House and hubby having just been paid I decided now was as good a time as any to start the food challenge again.

For the purpose of this challenge I am only counting actual FOOD and DRINK costs!  Not household essentials, not toys, games, books just plain  and simple Food and Drink.

Now £50 a week may not seem a lot for a family of 4 but:
my husband doesn't eat:
meat (except chicken and steak pie)
fish (of any description)
salad, vegetables or fruit

He also doesn't cook - unless he can bung it in the oven.  This means for the 4 days I work (and fridays) he has to fend for himself for his tea.

Ben goes to school and has packed lunch Mon-Friday.  Tho lunch for all of us is normally salad/ sandwiches or something quick.  Hubby will cook something out the freezer (occasionally I can bribe him to make pasta) for their tea Mon-Thursday which means Friday and Saturday I am on the healthy fresh cooked meals for tea for them.

I tend to cook Saturday tea for me and hubby and my own meals when I get in weekday evenings.

Sunday we sit down for a family dinner - usually a gravy meal of some description.

Desert is usually something out the cupboard (jelly/ rice/ custard) or fridge (mousse/ yogurt) a bit of chocolate, fruit, ice cream or lolly.

My starting point can be found here  - I will try and keep you updated weekly (or more often if needs be).

Now I really MUST get that meal plan written.......................

Week 1 update here.
Week 2 update here
Week 3 update here
Week 4 update here

So how am I doing?:
Original fill up: £114.96
Week 1: £17.13
Week 2: £19.22
Week 3: £29.79
Week 4: £19.91

have you done the maths??

did I do it??

I bet it was close??

Final Total:  £201.01

£1.01 over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But you know what.... I lasted 2 days longer then I'd anticipated.  and yes I am sure there was a loaf of bread here or a pint of milk there missed off accidently ...... so I'm  pretty impressed with that!!!

The next shop is meal planned..... and can now be found on the 'Sequel' tab.

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