Sunday, 6 October 2013

2 adults, 2 children, 4 weeks and £200 for food ...........week 3 update.............

This is getting soo much harder then I thought......... not helped by the fact due to spending last Saturday at the Childrens Hospital hubby come on the 'top up' shopping trip!!!  

I think the next challenge will be 2 adults, 2 children, 2 weeks and £100 for food as we seem to be spending more and more on top-ups as the weeks go on.

Drink - 2 x orange juice - £1.30
Essentials - raisons, rolls, ham, cheese, grapes, milk - £13.58
Other - Cereal, crisps, yorkies, flapjack, pizzas, pepperomi minis, eggs - £13.21

Total = £28.09

Sunday - no spends noticed
Monday - no spends noticed
Tuesday - no spends noticed.
Wednesday - no spends noticed
Thursday - milk (essential) - £1, french stick (other) - 70p   Total:  £1.70
Friday - no spends recorded

general food: £13.91
everyday consumables: £14.58
drinks: £1.30

grand total: £29.79

Oh yes and I AM super grumpy as I have run out of Coca-Cola and refuse to buy any ..... if you'd like to send supplies feel free ....... good job I did buy some Smirnoff Ice as that's keeping me going!!

Big shop again to be ordered for Friday (Farm Food trip on Thursday) ..... I can't spend THAT much before then can I??

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