Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Great Food Challenge the sequel - week 3

another week and again no real meal plan is set in stone but looking at what we have in the house I have drawn a rough one out for me.  daddy and the boys will have an 'whatever daddy can find in the freezer' week.  As we now have a moving date (23rd November) I want to concentrate on not having too much food in the house, plus we will be going from 2 fridge freezers down to 1 (as one was the landlords).... personally I don't think we'll be able to do it and will gave to buy either 1 huge one or a smaller one again but......... (watch this space)

no online shop this week so I am anticipating a larger 
than average 'additional spend'.

Meal Plan

my daddy paying all day - lots of food out :)

Tea - all: last weeks gammon (that i froze from last weeks leftovers) made into a pie with mash (again i froze last weeks leftovers)

fried eggs on toast



scrambled eggs and sausages with toast

steakbake (frozen)  and mash

silver foil dinner (chosen from selection of frozen meals in foil trays)

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