Sunday 27 October 2013

Stop the world I want to get off.

arggg what a manic couple of weeks, I'm exhausted, sick and ready for dropping (off to sleep).

About 3 weeks ago the landlady/ letting agency pushed us over the edge of things wrong with the house we are living in by winging about a couple of tiny tiny minuscule things.  Seriously if they want to start I'll happily list the HUGE list I have of work we have asked to have done/ issues we have raised since we moved in 5 years ago but haven't fought for cause it wasn't worth it.

So we started looking at new rentals...... we found a lovely house (well slightly better then the one we've got)  just over a week ago and signed for it a few days later.   Eventually (don't ask!) agreeing on a moving date of 23rd November ....... EEKKK  just under 4 weeks away!!!

I don't know where to start ....... ok not quite true - I have a list as long as my arm of things that need to be done but nothing date wise can be even started on until hubbys work and the landlord send the agency our references so we know the house is safely ours.  His work is being it's usual helpful self and saying they are not legally obliged to have over anything to anyone and therefore won't be (again don't ask!!).

I am stressed to the hilt with the amount of money (aka credit cards) this move will cost and all hubby is going on about is "buy this.... buy that...." (including going to the pub TWICE last week).  I think i slept properly last night for the first time in a week and woke up with a horrible sore throat and naff all voice!  All I wanna do is curl up and sleep till it's all over but I've all the 'organising' side of everything to do - changing addresses/ getting services switched over, etc while hubby will do the manual stuff (e.g painting the house before we move out, finishing the garden etc so we get our deposit back (to put straight on the CC to pay off the new deposit).

fortunately we've a couple of friends happy to drive a van (we don't drive) and help with manual labour and I think next doors sons have been roped in to help paint in return for beer/ £50.  however can't even confirm anything with them dates wise until these flipping credit checks are done.

Did I mention I hate it when things are out of my control????

I sit at work with nothing to do (it's very slow at the moment) just thinking about what I could be doing at home, then when I'm at home it's hard to do anything cause I'm in sole charge of 2 devil children.

I've my Halloween Cross Stitch I have no chance of finishing :( and soo many blog posts I have started but not got round to properly writing.  I have all the photo's I want to sort out and put in albums etc but just no enthusiasm to trawl three years worth of baby pics to work out a) which child is in which picture and b) when the pic was taken.

..........right enough moaning........ I'm off to write my moving checklist.

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