Sunday, 20 October 2013

Activity Toys Direct

We are in the process of moving to a new house, with a smaller garden.  Our new garden is all decking so no grass to keep on top of, no plants to kill water,  so what better time to buy new garden toys...
............................ and what's better then spending REAL money on new toys???? Spending FANTASY money on new play things.

Activity Toys Direct are asking people to do just that....go onto their website and let people know what they would spend £750 on.

Why not see how I would use my £750 then have a go at creating your own?

First on our list is the Plum Bonobo II Wooden Play Centre. With 2 boys the 2 swings are an excellent idea. The integrated slide is a brilliant space saver idea, and who can't resist the pirate lookout post complete with telesope.  At £424.99 it's a hefty chunk of the budget but one that would last the kids for years to come.

Having just sold the kids bouncy castle that they have outgrown they are asking for a Trampoline - the
Plum 8ft Magnitude Trampoline and 3G Enclosure (with FREE Anchor Down Kit)
fits the bill. At £149.95 it's reasonable too.
The enclosure will keep the boys safe and prevent nasty falls onto the decking.

We often have BBQ's in the Summer so the Plum Wooden Sand and Picnic Table is a great addition to the garden. During the day the children can use the built in sandpit then you can put the lid on and convert it to a normal picnic table. Price: £51.75

To continue our wooden theme the TP Toys Forest Seesaw would give the children more outdoor fun. Price: £84.99

The TP Toys 6x4 Goal with Rot-resistant nylon and secure stakes is just £26.95 which would leave me £11.37 to buy a football.......... and some plasters!!

To give shoppers peace of mind Activity Toys Direct offer 100% secure online ordering, easy returns policy and fast delivery.

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“This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition”



  1. I do love wooden garden toys - there's something so lovely about them, isn't there?

  2. thanks for stopping by, they are lovely aren't they. Wood anything has such a clean look to it.