Saturday, 19 October 2013

My To-Do List 19/10-24/10

Gosh where is the time going, it's to-do list time again ( a day late due to having been busy and then away last night - blog post to follow).

1) go thro bedrooms - is there anything that can be binned/ freecycled/ charity shopped before moving at end of November?
2) write a formal complaint letter to Pizza Hut.  See blog post here.
3) finance spreadsheet update
4) start a checklist of EVERYTHING that needs to be done/ changed before moving.
5) book tesco delivery
6) blog post - moneysaving christmas
7) blog post - legoland discovery centre, manchester
8) blog post - premier inn manchester trafford, south & coach house pub
9) must FINISH dating photos and put in album so they don't get lost in move.
10) filing
11) meal plan for next week ...... it's going to feature eggs, salad and pasta quite a lot.
12) enter the legoland discovery centre halloween photo competition.
13) silent sunday
14) friday follows

15) blog post - activity toys direct competition

16) transfer 2013 pics so far to external hard drive
17) generally tidy up my laptops hard drive.

sure I'll add some more tomorrow but for now I'm gonna have an hour stitching (or it'll never be finsihed by halloween) and cry catching up on last weeks Glee (the memorial episode).

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