Thursday, 18 December 2014

Do you have Faith In Nature?

My names Laura, and I'm a bath addict.  There I admit it, I hold my hands up. In the last year I've gone from buying the cheapest shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath to treating myself to lush bath bombs and body shop sugar scrubs.

Since the dreaded nits hit here a few months ago my hair was ruined. The lotion stripped it of everything good, there was no bounce, no shine and no life.  In fact I don't think it could have looked less greasy if I'd showered in vegetable oil.   I discovered argon oil and never looked back. Then faith in nature approached me.... where had I heard that name before?  I had a sense of coconut, and looking back through my posts realised I had used their gorgeous coconut shower gel and foam bath just a couple of months ago when it appeared in my goody bag from the Northern Bloggers Meet Up.

This time was to ask for my views on their extensive shampoo and conditioner range.  I was dubious, could I swap my argon oil for something else (especially at party season when it's all about the hair).  But after looking into it and discovering they did a chocolate range......well that's an offer I'd be mad to turn down!!  Then my husband told me I couldn't drink it :(.

Both the Chocolate shampoo and conditioner contain a blend of cocoa and vanilla infused with sage.... they smell fantastic. 

Faith in nature have been making products for 40 years now, so are really good at it, and believe in doing the best for their customers and the environment.  Faith In Nature try to use organic ingedients, those derived from vegetables or are wild harvested and sustainable.  Wherever possible these are locally source, however when they need to be bought further afield they do all they can to ensure they are ethically sourced and fairly traded.  

These particular products are free from artificial colours and fragrances, they have no parables or SLES and are biodegradable.  They even try to source recycled materials for their bottles.

  All this means not only are they good for you but also for the environment.

One additional point, that I would never have considered is that the shampoo and conditioner are suitable for vegans.

Am I won over?  Yes, they are every bit as good as the argon oil for making my hair feel clean and fresh with the added bonus of smelling really lovely.

On the downside I can't keep them just for me. My 6 yr old found the delivery and wanted to use them.... On the plus side it was the first stress free, no complaints bath from him we've had in probably 2 years.  Even 'child friendly' shampoo brands don't cause that so Faith in nature are definitely onto a winner.   

They have a specific range for very little children featuring the lovely Humphrey's Corner design.  These are available in Calming Chamomile and Relaxing Lavender and contain 100ml each of shampoo, bubble bath and body lotion.  At £9.99 each they would make a lovely gift.

Don't have kids.... don't worry ...... their 'Faithful Friend' range is suitable for your 4-legged companions.

A 400g bottle of shampoo or conditioner currently costs £5.50.  If you really love the brand you can also buy them in a 5ltr bottle for £50. 

The coconut bubble bath I mentioned earlier retails at £5.60 for 400ml or £55 for 5ltrs.

To find out more about Faith In Nature, their history, ingredients or ethics... or to buy their products  visit them online at  You can also like them on Facebook or follow them Twitter 

Disclaimer: I tried the shower gel/ bath foam, shampoo and conditioner free of charge.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


  1. I will definitely check this range out... I really struggle to find a decent shampoo that doesn't irritate my scalp!

    1. it makes your hair so soft. I don't tend to suffer too much but just read a post by someone who frequently gets dandruff but after using this for a month it's much better. Let me know how you get on.