Sunday, 14 September 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 3: Entry/ Foyer Week

I was really cross with myself when I went into Morrisons today and the sweetie tubs appeared to be back to full price (so I didn't get any), it was only on the way out I noticed the sign was still up saying they were on offer, will have to go back for a couple.   I even resisted the urge to buy the boys chocolate advent calenders when I saw them.

I've managed to empty a box/ rearrange my stitching stash to make an extra Christmas present box but I need more space.  There is only one thing for it, a load of my unsold stuff will have to go to a charity shop to free up the large box!!!  Do I want to give ebay a chance first??? hmmm.....

I also need to sort out the cross stitch I did for last years Christmas cards (and didn't use) so I can make this years :)  now THAT's organised.

Anyway, welcome to week 3 of the organised Christmas plan.  According to the official website it is entry/foyer week.   As I don't have one of those.... I'll stay on the front room  - I've managed to tidy 2 magazine files full of rubbish so far out of it  :)

Cleaning/Organising Area:  Front Room ....... I MUST get the LEGO sorted out.

Holiday Prep:  Again the site includes a lot of things such as making a meal or holiday goodies in advance but I'm not going to do those as my freezer is not large enough.

It also suggest to start stocking up for the meals that have been planned .... I ermm may not have actually got this far yet but as soon as I do I will start shopping for them. :)   as we don't entertain over Christmas our meals are pretty much the same as every other month.  They are a bit more special or 'party-fied' on Christmas Eve/ Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day and we tend to have a takeaway on New Years Eve so it is snack things (that actually cost more than you think) that I'll be stocking up on.

It also suggest this week that you buy film, camera batteries and blank videotapes. Not anything we use as I have a digital camera, but a fab reminder if you do.

So my to-do list now stands at:
1) complete Christmas card list
2) sort out the front room
3) make up the Christmas cards .... do I need any more?
4) decide on/ start the kids Christmas cards
5) get a couple of box of chocs and some snacks in ready.
6) start meal planning

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