Friday 12 September 2014

Step back to school with Shoe Zone

........ sound familiar???  Then you must be a trying to get school shoes (with the rest of the town) in the last few days before term starts, because you know if you bought them in July your child's feet WILL grow in the 6 weeks holiday.

With my boys in nursery and (eek) Year 1 this year I won't pay through the nose for shoes.  Yes I have been told on many many occasions how I should by from a certain chain store because they are worth the money ..... and I did .... once.  The shoes lasted a matter of a few months before falling apart like everything else and actually I don't have £50+ to spend on shoes every term.  My boys don't want shiny, clumpy shoes.  They don't need ones with a magic key in the sole (c'mon women you remember begging your mum for a pair and the names you called her when she wouldn't buy them don't you).

My go-to shop is always Shoe Zone.  It is reasonably priced, the shoes look good and they last as long as shoes from anywhere else do.  I've never found a pushy sales assistant yet and always get friendly faces and great service.  This year was no different.  We headed to Shoe Zone (with the rest of Sheffield) to buy our shoes.   Of course the ones the boys really wanted (with lights in the soles) were out of stock.  20 minutes, and much bribery of sweets later, we eventually left with sensible shoes for the pair of them (and 2 lots for me) all for less then £60.

I was then approached to ask if I would like to collaborate with Shoe Zone .... ekkk YES!!   They then very kindly sent me ..... 2 pairs of flashing shoes for the boys.  Happy kids and a very happy mummy....the 'boring' shoes were soon discarded.

The worst thing, I find, with school shoes is how quickly they scuff.  New shoes can look months old after only a couple of days.  However the Walkright Boys Light Up Shoe claims to be "scuff resistant", and after almost 2 weeks of hard wear and tear at school/ nursery and the mile walk there and back they are defiantly living up to their claim.

The shoes have a double Velcro strap fastening which gives them a tight grip around the foot and have pretty bluey/ purple stitch detailing.

As they have a breathable mesh inside lining they don't maintain a horrible sweaty foot smell and the durable grip sole is great for running in (I am informed).

Now onto the motion detect flashing lights.  I have never seen 2 children spend so long hitting shoes on floors and tables just to watch the lights in the heel (because obviously they can't see them when running).  The shoes do all comes with on and off switches which was a brilliant idea because it saves the battery life when being knocked around the shoe box,  In reality.... the buttons didn't work.  They did for a day... but now the lights have to remain on constantly.  This appears to be a design fault (as not just 1 shoe) and hopefully something Shoe Zone will look at for next year,

The shoes cost a really affordable £16.99 and come in Junior size 6 through to an 'adult' size 2.  The best thing about Shoe Zone is that there is no need to trek the stores as you can buy online with next day delivery (from £4.99) or FREE delivery if you don't mind waiting an extra couple of days.

There is a handy size guide online but if you do accidentally pick the wrong size it's not a problem, you have 12 months to return the shoes unworn either back to your local store or post back (charges apply) for a refund.

I need a pair of nice boots for work over the winter and with Shoe Zone's new Autumn/ Winter collection hitting the shelves I've spied some lovely ones online and will be popping down myself in the near future.

If you can keep up with him Ben would love to demonstrate the lights for you..... (I'll try and get a better one but the boys aren't always that willing)

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Disclaimer:  Shoe Zone (via a PR company) sent me 2 pairs of Walkright Boys Light Up Shoes for the purpose of this review.  As always my opinions remain my own.