Sunday, 21 September 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 4: Our Bedroom Week

So the chocolates in Morrisons are definitely back up to full price now so I'll be waiting to see who's next to reduce them or give a great deal.

Did you see my Poundland post?  The boys are very excited to have their advent calenders already.  I need to get my wooden advent calendar out I made last year and see if it needs updating.

The selling stuff didn't sell again last week so next weekend (it's black bin day this week) I'll be throwing or charity shopping stuff to make the space.

I still need to sort out the cross stitch I did for last years Christmas cards (and didn't use) so I can make this years :)    This being organised lark really isn't is it lol.

I am please to say Week 4of the organised Christmas plan takes me away from the front room which is now looking worse then before I started.   We are currently re-decorating the dining room which mean it is split between the front room and Noah's bedroom.  There is no point me even trying to sort it out yet.  

Cleaning/Organising Area:  My bedroom .  Due to the downstairs of the house being so upside down our bedroom has become the new dumping ground.  I did make some headway today and put away the goodies from the Northern Bloggers Meet Up  which leaves just 1 box of 'stuff' to do.

Holiday Prep:  Again the site includes a lot of things such as making a meal or holiday goodies in advance.  However it now starts to suggest buying presents.  I'm please to say I am ahead of the game.

Mum (both), Dad, family friend, niece (1 of 2)

To get
both kids and hubby, niece (2nd part)

Kids will be covered in the next few weeks.  Rumour has it that Argos will be having it's 3 for 2 sale next week on toys and that's where I normally stock up on the big pressies (1 for each for Christmas and 1 for Ben's birthday).

It also suggests that I wrap what I have.  Sorry but as organised as that may be I just cannot bring myself to wrap anything before the last week of November/ first week in December.  If I post anything it is only within the UK and Collect+ that I use for all my parcel deliveries will get it there in a few days.  Oh and I haven't bought any wrapping paper yet.

This week I am supposed to spend 1 hour a day on my homemade gifts, so I should get the cards done before next weekend.

The last element of this week is to make a list of any table and bathroom linens that need replacing before the holidays, and pick up a few each week.  I don't specifically buy anything like this just because it's Christmas.  I need to get some party tableclothes as we always have novelty ones over Christmas week.  I also need to check what is left from last year when it comes to seasonal cups/ plates and platters to see if any of these need replacing.

So my to-do list now stands at:
1) complete Christmas card list
2) sort out the front room - must shift/ sort out the Lego

3) make up the Christmas cards .... do I need any more?
4) decide on/ start the kids Christmas cards
5) get a couple of box of chocs and some snacks in ready.
6) start meal planning
7) sort out the Christmas crockery/ table covers etc
8) Toys in the Argos sale.
9) tidy/ sort my room
10) take a look at last years wooden advent calender.

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  1. Nice post, I can never quite bring myself to wrap until December either, but that might change this year!