Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Revamp your fridge with PicStick

Every time I look at my fridge I am reminded of the baby dinosaur from 'Dinosaurs' back in the early 90's.  He drew a picture and handed it to Frank who exclaimed "where will I put it?  the fridge is full".... Baby's reply "Buy a new fridge..... problem solved".........

............ whilst PicStick's can't solve the space issue (or maybe they can... I'll come to that in a minute) they can certainly make a boring white fridge prettier.

Photo Magnets themselves are not a new concept to me, a few years ago I made my own, that is to say I found some pictures I liked, printed them, laminated and stuck some magnetic tape on the back.  It is fair to say these were massively overdue for an update as my kids are no longer babies.  So when PicStick offered me the chance to explore their website and order some Photo Magnets I jumped at the chance..... and it is safe to say I'll be heading back.

PicStick is soo easy to use.  You can log in with your facebook account, which is always a bonus in my view as I an never keep track of log in details for sites.  technically you are supposed to be able to import your facebook photo's so you can use them but I couldn't get it to pick them up.  This wasn't a big problem as I could upload them from my computer.  Alternatively if you use Dropbox this is listed as an option too.

As you can see from the above picture you upload your photo's then drop them into the grid, the order here is not important as I will explain later.

You can edit the photo's before putting them on the grid, but you cannot change the size of the magnets....this may mean rotating and cropping.

For example I wanted to put Noah and Emmett on one but this when you look it would have cropped it weirdly...

simply by rotating the image I can fit it in exactly how I want.

Once you are happy with your 9 selected photo's you simply "Add to Basket".  PicStick then gives you the option to review and edit your final design.  It also confirms the cost £9.50 in the UK ($14.99 overseas) and the postage FREE anywhere!!   At this stage if you enter the promocode WIGGLE25 you can save 25% (making them just £7.13/ $11.24).

You then checkout, paying by credit/ debit card or paypal..... and wait for your goodies to arrive... which they do within a couple of days :)

All you need to do once you've opened the envelope is to very easily detach the magnets from each other.  I did this simply by tearing along the perforations, or bending and snapping.  Then stick them on your fridge/ radiator/ anything magnetic really.

The quality is fantastic, PicSticks are printed on high quality glossy photographic magnets, each photo measuring 50x65mm and .7mm thick.

Do you want to find out more about PicStick??  

                              facebook   twitter   website   google+

Do you want a discount code?

ahhhh go on then ..... just type WIGGLE25 at the checkout to save 25% on your order. 

Didn't you mention the kids artwork?

I did..... if you have no photo's you want to turn into magnets why not scan (or photograph) your kids artwork and upload them?

I never know what to buy the Grandparents at Christmas

Simple - fill the grid with lovely family pictures and being flat they can be easily posted with a card.  OR split the photo's up and put a couple in various relatives cards.  I've not tried it but I think they will fit inside home made Christmas Crackers too.

I don't take photo's.....

I guess that is possible.................


Make a sudoku puzzle (I think whiteboard pens would wipe off).

Use the days of the week or topics "Ben's school", "Noah's Nursery", "To pay" to categorise your stuff..

The ideas are endless.......... what would you use them for?

Disclaimer:  PicStick allowed me to create 9 magnets free for the purpose of this review.  As always thoughts and opinions remain my own.  The code has been created for my readers to use and share, many bloggers have their own unique codes with the most used winning a prize.

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