Friday 19 September 2014

Review - Yollies

A long time ago .... way back in ...... August..... the lovely people who make Cheesestrings(Kerry Dairies)  produced a yummy new after dinner snack - a yogurt lolly on a stick - a Yollies.

We couldn't wait to try these, unfortunately they are only available in large Asda stores at the moment (other retailers will be stocking them later in the year) in the chiller aisle, tho I am told they also taste great frozen in the warmer summer months..

It took a while to find them, but while we searched we went on many adventures, including our camping holiday with our fantastic exploration pack they sent us to try and earn some Brave Bones Badges (more on that later)

Many weeks later I found some and the boys couldn't wait to eat them ...  I have no problems with this as Yollies are a great source of calcium and vitamin D, they have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

Yollies are made using extra thick fruity yogurt and come in 3 flavours; Strawberry, Apricot and
Raspberry. Our Asda only stocked the strawberry ones but we'll certainly be looking out for the
others as well as being great for an indoor snack they come in a solid case and as there is no need for a spoon make them great for taking on picnics or in school lunch boxes.

As if this isn't enough each Yollie 'bone' keyring stick is stamped with a letter, so you can collect the alphabet (remember when a well know sweet brand used to do that with lids and the fun you have collecting them).   Each Yollie is one of 16 individual characters.

Once the Yollies are gone why not join the Brave Bones Club online.... The club supports Yollie (and Cheesstrings) ethos that is centred around playing with courage. It was set up based on the more adventurously kids play, the stronger and more confident they grow up. Their challenges are never dangerous - just testing and thrilling.

We used our adventure pack to hunt out bugs in the Finders Creepers badge and can't wait to work on some of the others.

Click here to find out more about Yollies.

Disclaimer:  Unity PR sent me an adventure pack and voucher to buy a pack of Yollies to assist this review. As always thoughts and opinions remain my own.  

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