Thursday, 25 September 2014

Panda Drinks are back

If you were an 80s / 90s child then you  probably grew up with Panda Pops... yummy fizzy goodness that artifically flavoured cherryade and the orangeade that well come to think of it wasn't really that
orangy and don't get me started on my views about 'cola'.... then the health police came around and they disappeared.  The good news is they are now back... with a soft drink that tastes JUST as good (if not better) then the fizzy pop of our childhood.


Normally trying to get juice or water into my kids is mission impossible but the minute this package was opened I heard nothing but "can I have one, can I have one" until I gave in.

The new range of Panda drinks come in 5 flavours and 3 types.

Flavoured Water - Orange and Pineapple and Blackcurrent.   They are full of flavour and healthy too as they have no added sugar and only natural flavours.  It's not often I like a child's drink as they normally taste artificial but I loved the flavour of these.

Juice - Again this comes in Blackcurrent or Raspberry. Whilst these do contain a small amount of sugar it is only from the naturally occurring ones in the fruit.  Like the water they only contain natural colours and flavours.
 I can honestly say the Raspberry was lovely, it was full of flavour, fruity and thirst quenching.

Both of these can be bought in 6 x 250ml packs an retail at around £1.99 a pack.

Squash - the 1L bottles of squash come in Orange & Passionfruit and Apple, Blackcurrant & Raspberry and whilst we've not tried these with a selling price of around 99p for 20 servings I'll be buying some for the kids.

Both the smaller bottles have a well designed sports cap and, unlike some other brands, the plastic
outer casing is attached to the bottle so it can be flicked off and back on again.

These bottles are a great size for lunch boxes and appear to be leakproof (always a bonus).  Schools are soo strict now about flavoured water so hopefully if I remove the labels on the clear ones they will be able to get away with them :)

How can I find out more?


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