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Ghost Train and Gimmie 5

Back in the days (1989 - 1994) when Nobby really was a non-laughed at name for a sheep were
Ghost Train and Gimmie 5.

Hours and hours were spent watching these fantastic series which ran ALL MORNING on ITV on Saturdays for children. Not everything on them was to my taste... so I'd move over to see what BBC were offering (but that's for another post)

Ghost Train kick started these series, it was presented by Frances Dodge,  Paul J. Medford  and Sabra Williams (not that they include it on their BIO's),  The storyline being that Frances has inherited a Ghost Train, with the help of her friends she sneaks the train from the grasp of the evil Barry Mafia (Joe Hall) and makes her escape. Inside is a startled Gerard (Angelo Abela), the aliens' favourite broadcaster, and a camp sounding talking sheep, named Nobby (a puppet operated and voiced by Simon Buckley). However Barry Mafia is after them, aided by the Mafiaettes.

Nobby the Sheep
During the series Barry hatched several plots while the friends used the train for special guests, live performances, and cartoons to be shown.  At the end of season two, Barry managed to regain control of the Train, but Frances won it back in season three.  Who knows where the story might have gone after that as the series ended on a cliffhanger, with the crew exiled to an alien planet.  Although Nobby reappeared in Gimme 5 the cliffhanger remained unanswered.

Ghost Train on Sunday was later produced in 1990 by Border Television and presented by Shauna Lowry.

Gimme 5 again ran on Saturday mornings on ITV from 1992 to 1994 (3 series) with Nobby the sheep. Again it was a live two-hour show including guests, cartoons, competitions and games. More familiar names appeared on this show as presenters Jenny Powell, Lewis MacLeod, Matthew Davies (series 1), it was presented by  and Nobby the Sheep. For series 2, Paul Leyshon replaced Lewis MacLeod.

Cartoons shown included The Real Ghostbusters and Scooby Doo.... do you remember any others?

A very young Ant and Dec also made an appearance.......

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