Saturday, 20 September 2014

Halloween, Christmas and Birthday all catered for on today's Poundland shop

I only went out for sugar and bread .... but ended up spending £13 in Poundland today.....

Of course the boys went straight for the superhero advent calenders!!  We have a wooden one from last year but I have new plans for that this time.... watch out for that post.

We don't do Halloween in a big way here, I see soo many goodies and really want to buy them but with having Ben's birthday party on the 18th October I can't face another on the 31st!  Also we tend to lights off and hide, we don't live in a neighborly enough area for me to let them go trick and treating.   But when they spotted these Halloween bags, just little boy size, I said they could have them, and if it means they will help carry the shopping home when we go out then barganious.

Ben's birthday is high on our list of things to buy at the moment and we are pretty set, starting to collect goodies for the party bags and tea.  Poundland came through again.  With having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme these drinks will save on spillages at tea time. 
The lollies are supposed to be Halloween ones but will bring a novel factor to the party bags as will popping candy.  The white mice are just a little snacky treat on the day.  And the green hair (again from the Halloween aisle) is part of MY costume.

Getting Ben to eat fruit at the moment is no easy feet, but when he saw Bubblegum flavoured ones I got some for him to try.  If they enjoy them I'll be back for some more for the party bags.

Bread and sugar ....... yup I managed to get them too.  A lovely Tiger loaf and 40%   extra free in the sugar (1.4kg).


  1. My fella works in Poundland so we spend a small fortune in there....
    We already have our advent calendars set aside....They're not on the shelves yet in our He will be having words with the management as there are no Marvel one's in his shop....Grr! hehehe

    1. lol. Ours have been out a couple of weeks now but this was the first time I'd seen the Marvel ones so perhaps they'll be with him this week.