Friday, 30 August 2013

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Ok so not QUITE a challenge but this is my weekend to-do-list ..... which seems a bit of a challenge because I am getting sooo little done lately and MUST get back to my routines for when Ben starts school next week and to get September off to a good start.

Filing - this hasn't been done for over a month so have a HUGE stack to get through.
sort out the Thomas bits (as should have a £120 sale fingers crossed) and list the bits that are as yet unlisted.
sort out the rest of the sale box and get listed on preloved
check my survey sites, complete any I can.
tidy my e-mail inbox
dedicate 2 hours to cross-stitch - London Underground is feeling neglected.
Try and sort/ date some more baby photo's - order another 6 months worth for albums.
next weeks meal plan.

All regular flylady jobs

Friday - Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room & Stairs

Clear and wipe the work tops
Wipe hob
Hoover or clean the floors
Wipe cupboard fronts/ drawers/kickboards, etc
Clear tables
Empty all bins
clear stairs
sort 'junk' boxes

Saturday - Bathroom, Master Bedroom & Landing

Hoover or clean floors
Give toilet a good scrub
Clean sinks, bath, shower, etc
Wash bath mats, shower curtains, etc
Hoover bits of floor you can see
Strip, wash & replace bedding
Hoover mattress and wipe bed frame
Collect all washing from around the house
Sort out a box from underneath the bed or drawer, etc

Sunday - Children's Bedrooms

Strip, wash & replace bedding
Floor Clearance
Hoover/ sweep any floor that you can see
Sort out a toy box or 2

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