Thursday, 8 August 2013

Thursday........ the weekend starts here........

YAY it's thursday, for me that means Friday as I only work Mon-Thursday.  Need to think of something to do with the boys over the weekend as I hate being stuck in the house.

Unfortunately the tram company are digging up the tracks again all weekend so, as we don't drive, we are pretty stuffed for going anywhere unless we want to faff with busses (yuck).... unless I dare venture out buggyless (double yuck).

OHHHH it's the Lowedges festival on Sunday, wonder how easy it is to get there from mine?  Looks a really fantastic busy day if the sun comes out.

oppps forgot to get the mince out..............done.  Promised the kids spaghetti bolognaise for tea tomorrow and I'd be in trouble if the mince was still frozen lol.  Check out my foodie page for more info on what we will be cooking/eating this week.

Really please to have finished my little Pole dancer cross-stitch , brilliant for tying in my 2 favourite hobbies.

Have been a tad addicted to Twitter the last couple of days, found Liz @dragonflylotusd who has a great idea for #WIPWednesday  a chance to twitter your cross-stitch update pic every wednesday with the # on the end so the stitching community can follow your progress.... hopefully it'll give me a swift kick up the rear to get my WIPs completed.

I'm feeling really Christmassy, have got a real urge to get some shopping done, but I must restrain myself another couple of weeks, nothing wrong with window-shopping tho right?

Just off to update the spending diary and then picking up London Underground stitch for an hour, night night.


  1. Love your cross stitch - I'm very impressed that you designed it yourself!

  2. thanks, sorry only just realised I had a comment :)