Saturday 31 August 2013

STAR STRIKERS Saturday School - sheffield

STAR STRIKERS Saturday School  - sheffield 
(not to be confused by others with a similar name)

My little boy (almost 5) has just got back into wanting to go to Football. So after he got disheartened with Sheffield Wednesday's Saturday Session - too many older children, the young ones didn't get a look in. I went hunting for another......

This one promised:

To develop player’s ability by coaching the basics on techniques and also educating the players whilst having lots of fun. We intend to coach children, to hopefully one day send to Chesterfield FC as we work in collaboration with the football club. We will also be sending talented girls into the FA Girls Centre of Excellence. You need to bring shin pads, suitable footwear and appropriate kit with plenty of drink. If you know anymore footballers, then bring them to!

At £4 a session I figured there wasn't a lot to loose (even tho it would cost us more in travel costs) so we packed a picnic for afterwards and headed off.

We got to the venue really early (half an hour) and watched Sheffield United's child training session, they looked to be having a lot of fun.

Unfortunately as 10.30 drew closer there were no more children arriving and no sign of any other organisation turning up.

Shortly after 10.30 a family arrived and began to set up for what I can only assume was a birthday party given the size of the cake they were carrying so we went into the centre to ask if they knew where the sessions were - perhaps there was a bit of the building tucked away? Unfortunately the centre was unmanned so with a very disapointed 4 year old we went away for an early picnic and a trip to the museum.

I did post a reply to their forum post stating how cross I was to be privately messaged with "Can you please contact xxx on xxx xxxxx ( star strikers )".

No apology, no explanation, nothing.

So NO Star Strikers I will NOT be phoning you on a mobile when you can quite easily write me a reply. I am off to look for another football group for my sons to enjoy.

Earlier on the person who posted the original information about the sessions sent me quite a rude message saying they "didn't like what I had put" and to explain myself.. I did........ and they failed to respond to me.

They have now had my comments removed from the forum. Nothing tells of a shoddy company more then one who cannot apologise and take some responsibility.

Any Sheffield residents know of any on either a Saturday or Sunday....................???

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