Friday 23 August 2013

Giraffe Spotting in Colchester and Colchester Zoo

What a fantastic idea!!!  From the other end of a computer I have watched my friends, and famous artists participate in Colchester Zoo's Stand Tall trail.

One 7.5 metre high giraffe!
Twenty nine 2.5 metre giraffes!
Eighty two 1.3 metre school giraffes!

Stand Tall for Giraffes is a huge public art event to celebrate the 50th birthday of Colchester Zoo! Stand Tall is raising funds for conservation through Colchester Zoo's charity Action for the Wild and will raise money for the charity's global conservation fund. (from the website)

The giraffes were all decorated by school children and famous artists then placed around Colchester and surrouding areas to form the Stand Tall trail . What a fantastic way to get children walking.... mine happily went around the town centre 'spotting' the giraffes.



We didn't have the time to find all 112 but you do...... between the 31st August and 8th September the Giraffes have arranged to meet up at the zoo for their farewell tour before being auctioned off.

What better way to end the trail then with a trip to the zoo itself.......

The zoo has over  260 species to see, within 60 acres.  It is well worth a visit - we were only there for 4 hours on a very busy day and only managed to see half of it, I wished we lived closer as we would certainly buy a season ticket - we'd need one!!!   With over  40 daily displays, an undercover soft play area, 4 adventure play areas, The Lost Madagascar Express road train and much more it is the place to go to keep kids entertained while learning plenty about the world around them!

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