Wednesday 14 August 2013

Barclays my foot!!!

So yesterday I went to the cashpoint and it refused to let me use my card for my central account..... strange.... a glitch maybe?
This morning I tried again (different cashpoint)........... same problem.

After ringing them up, battling automated security then going through exactly the same questions/ answers again with a real person I was told my card had been stopped because they decided to send me a new card (that I hadn't received).   what happened to having to phone up to automatically say you had taken receipt of your new card.
I was then asked if I would like the old card cancelling.........lets see mrs rocket scientist??!!
They then offered to send me out a new one...........after I had answered yet ANOTHER security question.

can anyone see the point of this????  By this point she had confirmed who i was, that it was my card/ account etc so WHY did it take more security questions to press a button to send me a new card???

Eventually I passed and my card is on it's way to me ...........again........ not in time for my holiday but hey barclays don't let a little thing like that get in the way of your overly ridiculous 'security'!!!!

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