Sunday 11 August 2013

saturday, 10th August

Well all good intentions of writing this last night filtered away as went to bed early.  Was it just me or was it freezing last night??

Had quite a productive morning listing on ebay - free listing weekend.  Am loving the fact you can now upload as many pics as you want (up to 12) for free..... but disliking the new fees rule they are bringing in.  I was saying the other day how it's going to stop people listing anything for 99p because it's just not worth it for a take home of about 50p (especially if you have paypal fees to contend with too)!!   Trouble is they really have the monopoly on customers, I have tried preloved, sheffield forum, fridayads, gumtree, netmums - you name it but I sell so little through them and it takes sooo long to list and deal with the timewasters.

Where and how do you list yours??   Is there a trick I am missing??

Perhaps it's because I refuse to give away something for pennies when I know if I hang on and keep re-listing then someone will pay the asking price.  Why does everyone want something for nothing??   And if I hear "money is tight" or "must be free or cheap" one more time.........I am well aware of the "economic climate" I am living in it to, I also have to work to buy clothes for my children (that's why I sell their old ones for a sensible price), I also need to buy them the toys they desire (that's why I am selling their old ones),I need to put food on the table.....

I managed to really annoy someone recently on a forum I used to regularly post on when I dared to voice my opinions on another members 'business'....... going to carboot sales, buying the cheap toys then selling them for a profit on ebay.  That makes me SOO mad.  Yes the person selling is probably happy because they have got rid of stuff and made the money they were after but what about the people who have gone to buy themselves/ children a bargain but can't.   It'll never be stopped, it can't be policed and I guess if they are registered as a business then there's not alot anyone can do about it.
The same thing happens a lot on freecycle -  people request the items to sell on to make themselves money, it's one of the reasons I've stopped using it.

I even stumble across adverts on Sheffield Forum (our local buying/ selling/ chat site) where people clearly state in their listings "WANTED: car boot stuff.    I'm wanting as much as possible as I want to do a car boot sale to raise some money for (insert choice here: kids holiday, new kitchen, new clothes etc).
Must be free or cheap."   what makes me laugh even more is when they add "must also deliver for free".

Don't even get me started on manners ...... the you have people on the selling/ buying/ freecycle sites that list wanted ads but can't even be bothered to say "thanks but no thanks" when you reply to them.
The ones who reply to your ads but can't write "please" or "thank you".
Or the one I had on ebay the other day who messed me around for a week over collecting an item then sent me a message 24 hours before the actual collection time stating "my husband is on his way now".

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