Saturday 31 August 2013

Blog A Day in September - explained

This was a fantastic idea (that I discovered on 28th August ... so rather late) started by Yummy Mummy In Training. The idea being that every day in August there is a prompt of what to blog about - use them or make up your own (or leave it if you have your own post for that day planned out)

Yummy Mummy In Training is not going to have time to run it again in September so I offered to take it on after refreshing my brain from her fantastic ideas and scouring the internet for events happening in September, or useful facts about days (and a lot of ideas from America) here are my ideas

They may sound strange or cryptic, you may think they don't/ can't apply to you (I am sure they will)....more will be revealed nearer the day.

Would love your comments............if someone comes up with an idea I like I may well substitute one of the ones below......

1) Who am I?    update here
2) Back to School  update here
3) A strange fact  update here
4) favourite film  update here
5) Teachers' day - share your teacher memories  update here
6) National Read a Book day - share your favourite book  update here
7) Neither Rain Nor Snow day - Whether the Weather be Good..... or whether the weather be bad  update here
8) Grandparents Day - Share a Grandparents story update here
9) A song that reminds you of a special time  update here
10) swap Ideas day   update here
11) rememberance - one photo to paint 1000 words  update here
12) desert island dreams  update here
13) Positive thinking day update here
14) Cakes....cakes and more cakes  update here
15) Make a hat day update here
16) National Heroes Day (Saint Kitts and Nevis) - Heroes (real or not.... you decide)  update here
17) My Favourite Painting  update here
18) My quiet place  update here
19) Talk Like A Pirate Day - write a pirate story, review pirate things, share a pirate experience, use the website and comment on your experience...... really anything goes.  update here
20) Share a recipe  update here
21) Creative Kids  sorry no update for this one as was too busy to get creative - but you could check out the Raspberry and White Chocolate flapjacks we made here.
22) 1st day of Autumn - Autumn Days  update here
23) My Favourite Place  update here
24) My Toy Memories  update here 
25) 3 months until Christmas - do you celebrate it? How prepared are you? Do you have any traditions you will be keeping?  update here
26) Poetry corner  update here
27) Forget me not  update here
28) your 5 rules to live by  update here
29) My goals for October  update here
30) My most memorable September memory  update here

If you are taking part please leave your blog website and twitter handle (if you have one) so I can follow you.

(please note this post was tabbed for the month of September and has now been put into a post so I can utilise another tab).

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