Monday 12 August 2013

It's a cold.........I'm not dying!!!!

WHY do people feel the need to make you feel even more rubbish then you already do??

I'm not one of these people who have time off work for a broken toenail (you think I'm joking.....!!!) and rarely have more then a couple of days off a year.  So today (despite being full of cold) I dosed myself up on cold and flu tablets and vitamin C and off I went to work.  I don't do anything strenuous, just office work.

You would have thought I'd gone in with the plague!!!   All I heard everywhere was "don't sneeze near me", "you'd better disinfect that first", "i'm not coming near you", "I don't want your germs", "I'm sure you shouldn't be here spreading your sickness around!"...... I swear I was ready for hitting the next one to try it.

Just so you don't feel left out ..........aaacchhoooooooo.....have some of my germs...................  :)

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