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Nibble Nibble.... Crunch Walkers Mighty Lights Review, in association with Tots100

As a family that enjoy Walkers crisps (who doesn't enjoy a ham sandwich with cheese and onion crisps squashed into it for their picnic??)  Me and the boys were really pleased to be invited to review Walkers Mighty Lights, a paid review through Tots100.

Getting back from my holiday (a weeks after the email notification) I was off to the shops to get my weekly shopping, picked up the multipack of crisps we normally get ...... and promptly put them back remembering that any day now our parcel was due to test and excited about the new flavours and textures a new type would bring.

My kids would eagerly await the posties arrival wondering if today was parcel day..... but sadly not - another delve into the stash to retrieve those poor forgotten crisp flavours that no-one really enjoys but somehow seem to find their way into the house.

Watching everyone's reviews go live I was growing more concerned that my parcel was lost in the post (I am sure my postie enjoys crisps as much as everyone else).  I tried to contact Tots100 through various methods eventually being told mine were in the '2nd batch' to be posted.
   I attempted to ask how this was going to affect the 2nd September deadline for reviews to be submitted  but unfortunately no responses have been forthcoming.

So apologies Walkers - My review should be in this space but sadly the only information I can pass onto readers is what I have been told 

"With 30% less fat than standard crisps, Mighty Lights are perfect for kids' lunchboxes. They are tasty, ridged crisps that come in three flavours - roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted. All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians, and are available in shops nationwide. They're made from real potatoes with no artificial colours of preservatives-  and they're a source of fibre. "
As a mum it is important to me to know what is in the snacks I am feeding my children, I am pleased that walkers clearly answer some important questions on their website:

Are Walkers Mighty Lights suitable for vegetarians?Yes, all our Walkers Mighty Lights products are suitable for vegetarians. Take a look at our product pages for more information. 
Are Walkers Mighty Lights gluten free?None of our Walkers Mighty Lights flavours contain gluten as an added ingredient; however they are made in a factory that handles gluten, wheat and barley. You can contact our Consumer Services team free on 0800 274 777 or 1800 509 408 if you would like more information. You can also email them.
 Are there nuts or sesame seeds in Walkers Mighty Lights?None of our Walkers Mighty Lights flavours contain nuts or sesame seeds, and we do not handle either in our factory.
 If you would like to find out more for yourself I am informed they are available in supermarkets priced from as little as £1 for a multipack (6 packs)

With the new school year around the corner I may just have to get some myself to try for the healthy lunchbox as it's always tricky to know what to put in it.

Please check out their website at 

Should my product arrive I will be happy to amend this review.

 UPDATE............ 4th September 2013

Well after a bit of negative publicity tots100 eventually contacted Walkers and seems my postie munching suspicions were correct.

The lovely people at Walkers immediately apologised and sent some more.

I tried the original ones in my sandwich (ham salad) yesterday and must say I was quite impressed not greasy at all and had a lovely crunch. With 30% less fat they are also better for a mummy trying to loose the baby weight then normal crisps.

 Will let you know what the kids think tomorrow when I spend more then 5 minutes with them :)

 Ohhh and will put some more mouthwatering pics on too......


We've now had a chance to try all the flavours and my favourite is definitely the Roast Chicken, with Cheese and Onion in second place and lightly salted coming in last.

Ben (almost 5) on the other hand prefers the cheese and onion the best..... unfortunately lightly salted comes in last for him too.  In his words it has a "strange flavour".  

Noah (2 and a half) actually ranks lightly salted first, tho he is a human dustbin and will eat anything lol.

................... saying that I asked them what they wanted with their samdwiches today (8th September) and BOTH asked for the ready (lightly) salted ones!!

I'd love to see Mighty Lights in salt and vinegar flavour or even better bring back the roast turkey and stuffing  for slimming mummy's in time for Christmas - they were amazing as a normal crisp flavour.

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