Wednesday, 14 August 2013

holiday in 3 more sleeps.... eeeekkkk.

so excited, am going back to stay with my mum for a few nights with the kids, been very busy planning lots of fun things like Thomas Land, Clacton Air Show and London.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh London........I haven't been back there in years.... I am soooo going to go and see the Choccywoccydoodah shop - I LOVE that programme.  But torn between the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum (DS's are 2 and a half and almost 5).  anyone got a preference???

I'm really pleased that I managed to get page 1 of London Underground cross stitch completed in time for #WIPWednesday.
Am really enjoying this piece.

I am all for security but Barclays Bank today have driven me up the wall...... read why on my rants page.

anyways hubby has brought me up a cup of tea (mmmmmmm) so signing off for now.

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