Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cross Stitch Crazy Review, november 2013 issue 182

Ohhh yayyy Mr Postie made me very happy today - he brought me the new Cross Stitch Crazy and........ it has a Christmas Theme

So continuing a habit I got into on the MSE Cross Stitch Cafe here's my monthly review of what I think.
Please note that I get this magazine on a UK subscription so free gifts/ charts may differ from those in the shop/ overseas subscribers.

Free Gifts

Lucie Heaton Xmas chart book
From a glance at the cover I just KNOW this is going to be my cup of tea.......

The 'fairy wishes' card and tag would be lovely to stitch for my niece.  there are a few other designs in the same style but not sure i'd use those.

The 'let it snow' designs are very cute and if it wasn't for the need to stitch the background colour I would probably do them.

'festive flavour' brings a selection of nice things to eat sorry stitch.  I think i may have found this years Christmas cards!!!!  now am i allowed to stitch the gingerbread house for me??


'classic cheer' has the more traditional (boring) Christmas card/ tag designs.  there's nothing wrong with them I just prefer the novelty factor.  :)

card kit

4 blank cards (2 green, 2 red) and envelopes - will be very handy.

All Our Yesterdays
4 designs double printed on laminated card.
Must say I am not taken, they don't seem to be 'all our yesterday' style, if you see what I mean.


Inside the magazine................

Snow day

A Forever Friends design.  As cute as these are I just wouldn't stitch them. The back-stitch is very basic for a bear design which in my eyes is always a plus but the blue background would make my eyes go funny.

November monkey

I just LOVE this set they are sooooo cute.

CelebStitch - Doris Day

Ohhh please please please we MUST be at the end of celebstitch by now. I hate them!!!  However if you do happen to like Doris Day then I am sure you will be impressed with this months offering.

50 Winter gift ideas

Some Christmas themed Scandinavian motifs.  I don't think  any of them caught my eye, not something I'd ever use.

Open House

It's rare I find a chart recently that makes me stop and go WOW!  but ............ WOW.
This pretty little house is made up of 24 tiny cross stitch motifs that go on a house frame to form a cardboard advent calender with drawers to hide 'treasure' in.
The house itself can be bought from and is quite reasonably priced at £25.   I am very very tempted by it but wonder just how strong it would be?? would it survive more than one year??

Craft Xtra

Sorry but BLURGH!!!! what is with the love hearts coming out in smoke from the house.   sorry but definitely not one I'd stitch.

Crazy for musical snowmen

I love these, they are soo very cute - little snowmen playing different instruments.  Definitely on my future Christmas card to do list.

'Tis the Season

Stained glass window letters.  These are quite nice, very colourful and I think would make some really nice gift tags. I just hope they look better stitched up then they do computer colours.

Yule love it

some bauble shaped designs.  I can see the appeal of these they are nice but not one to add to my to-do-list.

Winter Wonders

Some cute mini biscornus - I've never really been into anything that needs extra work to make it up but I think these would be really nice with some lavender in for my grandmother.   Not sure I'll get time this year but worth considering for her birthday/ next Christmas.

Festive Cheer

I am a big fan of Joan Elliott and this Christmas themed chart is no exception.  I have always refrained from stitching any large Christmas designs for myself as they would be wasted once complete but I like the idea of turning them into cushions.  One to add to the maybe list.

Crazy Freebies

Not really freebies, more free to enter competitions.  Must say none of them take my fancy tho so won't be entering.
- Fantastic Ribbons Bundle - great for a crafter, not so much for a stitcher.
- zweigart goodie bag - a chart book and some evenweave.... I hate evenweave.
- dimensions baby kits - I have baby kits and charts coming out my ears (and no one to stitch them for)
- heritage craft kits - a fawn and a red squirrel but I don't like them.

Dear Santa

Some super cute motifs to stitch and could easily be used for children's Christmas cards or tags.

It's a wrap

some gift tags.  Again whilst there are some lovely designs the amount of block colour in the background is just ridiculous.


Challenge Lucie

Pet rescue - cartoon hedgehog  with a broken arm.   Cute but nah.
Drive Time - cars getting married........... ok.........
Bike Mad - a simple vintage motorbike - I like this, would be good for my dad's birthday card.
Ewe did it - a sheep with a trophy - hmmmmmmm
Puppy Pale -  a black and white schnauzer - they would make a nice card for someone who likes dogs.
Film star -  a TV, camcorder and directors chair - would make a good card for someone who likes films.

Next Month
Moree Christmas

The gingerbread house has, again, caught my eye 
As has the 'let it snow', 'xmas wishes' and 'wishing you joy at christmas' cards look really nice and will definitely get added to the to-do pile (for one year).
The 'Elliott and Buttons' sampler and Joan Elliotts 'Festive Fairy' are nice but not ones I'd ever stitch.

Overall: one of the better magazines I have looked at in the last few months.  7/10.


  1. How can you not like evenweave?

  2. You did a brill review - thank you.

  3. The advent calendar sound adorable! I would love an advent calendar like that, something we could get out again each year :)

  4. thanks sweetcarer - ohh hate the stuff - holes are too small lol - London Underground is small enough, driving me mad!!

    Lolizz - The more I see the advent calendar the more I want it............