Monday, 3 March 2014

Choccydreamalicious megachewy sundae

We love going to Sizzling Pubs and eating their absolutely amazing Supercurlycrunchielistic Choccaberry Sundae's.... unfortunately the last time we went we were a tight budget and arrived 30 mins too early for the
'grill night' so had to watch the boys eat their ice creams with none for us.

Armed with a microwave brownie recipe, some mini eggs, flumps, chocolate buttons, home made chocolates, squirty cream, butterscotch sauce, sprinkles and neapolitan ice cream i set about creating our own.

At the #midsblogmeet we were fortunate to receive not just 1 but 3 chocolate moulds from @bakedbymeUK which the boys were eager to get their hands on.
So last weekend we set about melting some milk, white and plain chocolate and putting it carefully into the moulds.

Once cooled (and sampled) I set about making the Choccydreamalicious megachewy sundae.   For the base layer I broke up the chocolate brownies and lined the bottom.  add some scoops of ice cream (I used the chocolate/ vanilla from neapolitan but it would work just as well with any flavour).  add a good handful of chocolate and set the flumps in position.  add lashings and lashings of squirty cream!!  top with butterscotch sauce, more chocolates and sprinkles.


Serve in portions or with spoons straight from the bowl.

I really missed the berries you get in the Sizzling Pubs one as hubby doesn't like them.  Next time I'll definitely dish some up separately with mine and the boys servings.  I'll also be putting something crunchy like a biscuit base in.

The delight of this desert is you can add whatever you like and it won't be wrong!!

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