Saturday 29 March 2014

How to be a bad mummy - part 2b - feed them the wrong breakfasts.

After last weeks Bad Mummy moment when I found out I feed my kids the wrong dinners (see here), lets see how I fare when it comes to breakfast.  You can't go wrong there can you?  I mean there aren't THAT many options to fail at ..... right?

1) Chocolate Nut Spread.
   Ahh, I assume she means on toast and not straight from the jar.  Thankfully  my 2 aren't actually that keen on it so we don't buy it.  YAY - score bargain points for mummy!!
  bad mummy rating 0/10

2) Boxed Cereal 
    Wooooops.  I would say probably 8 out of 10 breakfasts in this house are cereal. In fact the boys have even been known to eat it for lunch too (anything for a quiet life sometimes)  The writer doesn't like these due to the amount of sugar they contain and urges us to "check the sugar content, protein amounts, and the amount of fibre they contain before making a purchase" ... yup I am sure we all do that when faced with a huge selection a 5 year old demanding "wheetos, no cocpops, no frosties, no loops" and a 2 year old who would rather be in the next aisle with the sweets.
   In this house the cheapest (or best offer) wins!!
bad mummy rating 10/10

3) Instant Oatmeal (porridge).
      OOPS.  We don't even make it ourselves anymore, it's Peppa Pig banana pot or oat so simple maple flavour.... and have you tried the yummy Strawberry and Cream ones??   I do make them with water (and a tiny bit of milk) for the kids so that makes it a  bit better .... yeah?
bad mummy rating 8/10

4) Breakfast Drinks
      Nope, brownie points here, we don't have them in this house.
bad mummy rating 0/10

5) Toast and Jam
       well as the boys don't like Jam :)
bad mummy rating 0/10

6) Chilled Breakfast Sandwiches
       Seriously, chilled bacon or sausage, egg sandwiches that you reheat in the microwave ..... I'd much rather just go to the cafe/ subway :)
bad mummy rating 0/10

7) Pancakes
          Only on Pancake day ..... and even then at tea time,
bad mummy rating 1/10

8) fast food
     To be fair we rarly buy hot breakfast (well not fot the kids), only if we are going away on holiday or
something and don't want to eat before we go.
bad mummy rating 1/10

9) Toaster pastries (pop tarts).
       I have never touched one of these, nor have my boys.  My mummy wouldn't let me, she sad it would burn my tongue and refused to buy them.... and you can't miss what you've never had.
bad mummy rating 0/10

and for her grand finale..........

10) muffins (the cake type)
        we only have these for breakfast if they are home made ones .. yum yum
bad mummy rating 2/10

Look like it's wholemeal toast with low fat spread then kids!!

I am quite surprised that home cooked 'fry ups' and eggs didn't exist.  We don't have these very often, tho after the other weekend my 2 year old has discovered a bit of a taste for bacon and eggs.
I'll give myself another 1 point to cover this :) 

Total bad mummy rating:  23/100 ..... I'm a pretty good mummy really.... aren't I? How did you do?

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