Sunday, 23 March 2014

How to be a bad mummy.... part 2 .... feed them completely the wrong foods!!

I love those random links you find popping up on feeds on Twitter or Facebook, you know the type - the ones that take you to pages of things you always knew or random funny photos.

Well the one I found the other day was for "10 Worst Dinners to Feed Your Children!", yes this woman actually posted on a site called the 10 worst dinners for a child to be fed.   I am guessing she has children and lives on a tight budget as well as working full time and therefore her advise should be well headed ........ how do you fare?!

Lets take a look at her helpful suggestions shall we.......

1) Tuna Casserole is bad (although actually when you look at the picture it is tuna pasta bake... not quite the same thing in my eyes....) ...... because of the rich sauce.  Now I don't make Tuna casserole (because we don't like Tuna) and when I do put a cabana sauce on pasta I buy it already in a jar,l I don't have the time to make it with its "excess cheese, cream soup, and butter" not to mention the fact it is a lot cheaper to buy a jar.
  bad mummy rating - probably about 8/10

2) Frozen Meals are bad  - YAY I don't do this, not to mention because I think the veg/ potatoes and meat contained in them taste nothing like their real counterparts.
   I mean WOW doesn't that picture look appealing (I assume the white mess is mash potato?).
 She suggests freezing your own, which I do.
   bad mummy rating - 0/10 :)

3)  Chicken Nuggets are bad - we all know how bad these are for kids .... but if you compare the price (and time) to her suggestion of serving them chicken fillets ..... I know which we choose.  And like most things they don't have them every day, maybe once a week.
    bad mummy rating - 10/10

4) Fish Fingers are bad - seriously?  They are fish (and it is just fish) covered in breadcrumbs.... no that's not actually her problem her major issue with fish fingers is that "sauce contains too many sugars"!  Mine aren't actually keen on fish fingers but her alternative of "pan frying mild fish" and THEN coating it yourself would go down even worse.  Not to mention a box of fish fingers is around £1 .... how much is fresh fish?!
   bad mummy rating - 10/10

5) Fettuccine Alfredo is bad  - i don't even know what that IS.... ahhh spaghetti cabanara then!  We do have this, but again it is pasta and a jar of sauce.  Her suggestion is to use a tomato based sauce - which we do, we tend to alternate weekly.
    bad mummy rating -  5/10

6) Grilled Cheese is bad - yup .... cheese on toast to the rest of us ..... cheese on flippin toast is BAD!  I love her comment that "white bread with processed cheese slices" is the worst ....... **cough** processed cheese slices I'd never ........ oh no wait ... there was that time a few months ago when the fridge was virtually empty and it was all I had in.
    We don't have it very often to be fair, however we do have cheese sandwiches for lunch (with cheese off a block) so I guess that would be just as bad.
    bad mummy rating - 9/10

7) Fast Food is bad- we all KNOW this is bad.  her alternative "a slow cooker meal" ..... yup but doesn't quite have the same kick to it as a pizza or kfc does it.   Again we only have it once a week or every couple of weeks.  OK so see point 10 - we rarely rarely have burger and chips so 1/10 for those odd occasions
    bad mummy rating - 10/10  1/10

8) Delivery pizza is bad - ermm isn't this fast food???  I am not giving myself another 10/10 cheeky woman!   the alternative is of course to let your children make their own .... I costed this up once - it was cheaper to go to the pizza shop!  OK so see point 10 - we do have quite a lot of takeaway pizza (once every couple of weeks? so score amended.
     bad mummy rating - see above!   8/10

9) Hot Dogs are bad - another staple food in this house, hot dogs with noodles, hot dog sandwiches, hot dogs with chips (or other potato products) ... yup even been known to have hot dogs on pizza.  but NO, they are bad!   ahh they are bad due to the "nitrate preservatives" that is in processed meat ..... so I guess that means boiled ham slices are bad too (another sandwich filler in this house).
    bad mummy rating - 10/10

10) Fried Chicken  is bad -  wohhhh back up there ....... again isn't this under the fast food category??  Judging by her suggestions I am assuming 'fast food' is actually burger and chips!  we don't have fried chicken very often (due to it being too far away) so i will amend my scores....
    bad mummy rating - see above!   1/10

WOW am glad to see Kebab meat and chips don't feature (joke) I have tied this into my pizza score.

total bad mummy dinner rating - 62/100 ahh well when you put it like that I'm not too bad a mummy am I??

Not sure about the roast dinners on a Sunday (they are pretty high in fat) or all the puddings we eat, or the chips .... nope they don't count as bad food :)

Keep an eye on my blog for why I am a bad  'breakfast' mummy in her eyes.... and don't get me started on bad mummy lunches.


  1. Ha! I love this post. I too hate those smug advice posts you see on Facebook - get a life woman. Fish fingers are my 3 year old's ife blood... And tomato ketchup runs through his veins.

    1. :) I remember being told when I was little I would only eat fishfingers .... and I don't think I've come out too badly!

  2. hahaha! I must be a bad mother too....I think everything is ok in moderation though

    1. :) definitely, as long as it's not chips for every meal (well it would be if my husband was left to feed them 7 days a week).