Friday, 14 March 2014

Flashback Friday - Stoppit and Tidyup

Stoppit and Tidyup 

Stoppit and Tidyup is a children's animated cartoon series that was made in Britain and originally broadcast by the BBC in 1988. Each episode was five minutes in length and each was based around a different character.

Do the pictures look familiar?  It was created by Charles Mills and Terry Brain, the duo behind The Trap Door (I'll cover that at a later date). There were lots of very lovable characters who lived  in the Land of Do As You're Told.    The names all stemed from things parents say every day. None of the characters actually speak real words instead they gabble, grunt, squeak, and hum whilst narrator, Terry Wogan, tell the tale.

The Characters

Tidyup is a purple creature. He always wears a brightly coloured tie, and is famous for his good ideas.  He is a perfectionist, very tidy with a spotless house and garden.

Stoppit is a red ball of fluff, with arms and legs. He lives in the dump, and has a very naughty nature.  He often loses his temper and Tidyup has to bounce him like a ball in order to cheer him up.

Bee-Have and Bee-Quiet are giant bees.  The two of them fly peacefully around occasionally helping characters in trouble.

Comb Your Hair Is a blue six-legged creature, with a shock of orange hair that completely obscures his face, making him frequently bump in to things.

Eat Your Greens is a green character, a little like a frog, with similar hopping abilities. He loves to eat green plants.

Calm Down is a very shy little yellow creature who carries an umbrella.

Take Care looks a bit like a blue kangaroo, but with  wings instead of arms.  He is the postman for Do as You're Told, carrying the letters and parcels in his pouch.

Clean Your Teeth is orange with very big shiny teeth.  He has the ability to make things appear with a click of his fingers.  He's a bit of a show off outdoing everyone at everything.

Wash Your Face likes to jump in puddles, he doesn't mind who he splashes.

Go And Play spends most of his time sitting on his rock playing with his toys.

Say Please And Thankyou is a plant. He has a pink oval head, with a face on either side.

Go To Bed looks like a triangular blanket ghost.  Always slumped over or lying down. all he wants is to sleep, which is why his eyes are always either closed or half-closed, and his mouth is always yawning.

Don't Do That is an even naughtier character than Stoppit. He has a little red and black shell, which he pops out of, he has teeth that stick out, and crossed eyes.

Hurry Up is a ball of yellow and black scribble, with eyes who flies around very very fast.

The Big, Bad, I Said No is the meanie of the series. He's very large, red, and always frowning and growling. He has a naughty pet called Not-Now, a pink thing like a dog.

Sit Downs are white, and sit on toadstools all day, sometimes making a magical humming sound. They possess magical powers to cure 'naughtypox'.

Naughties are tiny purple blobs with yellow spots. They turn up, giggling and bouncing, in every episode, but are only part of the plot in one episode.  If you touch a Naughty you get naughty-pox.

Re-live the memories with youtube.......

........ and yes ....... we do own the DVD for this too :)  

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