Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ursula Michael's -"Let's Go To Grandmas"

As you will know I am normally a huge Ursula Michael fan so was soo pleased to find this one.  Sadly I am disappointed.  I hate the mix of upper and lower case in words - all upper or all lower, or capitalise the first letter by all means but "gRandkids", "gaRDEN" and "Another WORD for Love" is just not acceptable.  I have had to alter it as i go along which has knocked my count out and meant a lot of other alterations had to be made.   This is one stitch I will be happy to finish.

I am also trying to use up colours I have rather than buying any at the moment so am using an assortment of purples and rainbow variegated threads.

Completed  2.3.14

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