Friday, 28 March 2014

Flashback Friday - Keypers

Not to be confused with those hideous new Secret Creepers that have been released the 80s version was far prettier and girly.

Your Keyper was where you hid your pennies and treasures from prying brothers and sisters.    Is it just me that always thought these were actually called Secret Keypers?

Modelled on animals, including snails, kangaroos, swans, horses, rabbits and turtles (to name a few) Keypers were marketed in the 80s as part toy, part treasure chest and something every little girl needed!   The secret compartment was hidden in their bellies and could only be opened by its own key.   They also came with a brush and combable hair making them part toy/ part secret box.    Each toy also had a mini toy inside it.


Following the success of Keypers Tonka Toys released a range for younger children (as keys and small mouths don't go well together).  The Baby Keypers came with a snappable inner compartment rather than a lockable one.

Not surprisingly Keypers came with their own range of additional murchandise such as annuals, and apparently some cartoons and a board game.

Here's a youtube of the advert from 1986.

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