Thursday, 27 March 2014

weird connections 1

Do you get those moments when something really little will trigger a memory?  songs are a big one for me, I can instantly be transported to my Auntie's old farmhouse if I hear "I saw the sign" or eat chocolate wheetos, play me "build me up buttercup" and I am in Sporties (my university 'club'), whilst "Sk8er Boi" reminds me of working in Boots.  Walking through crisp autumn leaves remind me of walking to the local November 5th firework display as a child.  Balls of wool .... well they remind me of the time I was very sick while in year 4 at primary school.

This weeks strange moment ...... cold roast potatoes.  I opened the fridge and there they were, right were I
left them after dinner, and wow.  I was transported straight back to Christmas/ Boxing Day.  Weird right?  I mean I must eat cold roasties all the time why should they remind me of Christmas?

Do you have any strange connections?


  1. We don't have roast potatoes that often maybe two or three times a year so when they're in the fridge it reminds me of Christmas leftovers too....Not weird at all! :)

  2. we have them once a month, so it's a bit stranger :) glad someone else has the same connections.