Saturday 8 March 2014

To-Do list w/c 8th March

Wow I can't believe it's been over 4 months since I last sat down and seriously planned what I had to get done.  With moving and Christmas and blogging the housework has really been left to my husband to do ( he gets 4 days off with 1 child at home, I get 3 days off - 1 with 1 child, 1 with both) so makes sense that he should do the bulk of the 'boring' stuff.  needless to say he doesn't ...... I've just spent the morning doing washing up that hasn't been touched since at least Wednesday but probably Tuesday.
  As for real planning, booking holidays, sorting things out, listing things for sale, keeping tabs on finances and food - well that's MY job!
    And if you read my bad mum post you'll realise I'm not very good at it!!

I'm really annoyed because right at the beginning of the year (I'm not exaggerating it was New Years Day) I wrote a blog plan.  I picked a theme for particular days and covered them (e.g. I knew what song  #tunefultuesday was going to be for every week, I knew what order my retro #flashbackfriday's would go in.  Yes I can change it as I go along if I wanted to but the format was there incase I had a 'dry' week and needed a prompt for something to post about.  Do you think I can find it???  no no I wasn't sensible enough to type it up!!

so number 1 on my list) scour the bedroom for my blog list, maybe have a sort out in the process
2) update my cross stitch page
3) sort out the living room
4) try and get some more of the stuff for sale listed as it's taking over the house.
5) finance spreadsheet update
6) send a few moved house letters,  can I do on website?
7) investigate how to see my medical records - see my post on the NHS
8) avoid going up to the playroom - it is not worth the stress!
9) get the lasagne for dinner in the slow cooker.
10) finish off and post my "The Week" review.
11) sort out/ file the paperwork box before it gets to the stage where I can't fit any more in it.
12) have a little computer sortout - is there anything (like the last 3 months photos) that can be transferred to the external hard drive?
13) find some things to do with the kids over the next few weekends (counting down to our Legoland visit at the end of April :) )
14) create a birthday/ mothers day wish list.

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