Saturday, 15 March 2014

How good are your school meals?

Ben's a fussy eater, when I say fussy he's your typical 5 years old.  One day he eats pasta the next he won't, one week all he wants are cheese sandwiches but next week cries if he doesn't have ham in them, I've lost count of how many times noodles are gone in and out of fashion in the last month.

Friday night MVD Daddy raised a point about free school dinners and we got onto the topic of September when they will be free for all YR - Y2 children.  He said the same thing others I've spoken to did the "picky eater" won't touch them.   I always think "yes kids are fussy but if they are taking sandwiches it'll still save a few quid for them to get them free" ....... but no ..... his LEA do not offer a sandwich option.  In fact i was astonished at the lack of choice available for the kids (and not surprised a picky eater wouldn't touch it, my boys wouldn't).

I really do believe that if LEA's want to promote healthy eating in kids they MUST make sure their menus are accessible to all.

Ben loves school dinners and requests them, but when we do pay for them (twice because we had no food in the house, once when daddy 'ran out of time' to do his lunchbox and twice on a special event day) he has comes home to tell us he has had a sandwich!!!  Now I hate paying £2 for him to have a sandwich when I can do his lunchbox for less then 50p and know what he's eaten.

Here are the 2 extremes:

This one I found appears to be a bit more in the middle of the 2.....

It just calls for a consistent approach from the government to ensure all children across the country are getting the same choices.

What's your Primary School dinner menu like??

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  1. I haven't had to deal with this yet since my kids aren't school age (although my older one will be starting in September). But both my kids have food allergies so I will probably have to do only food from home once they start school. Unless they have a gluten free and dairy free menu option by then!