Friday 7 March 2014

Flashback Friday - Greenclaws

"In the Greenhouse
Greenclaws' Greenhouse
Greenclaws grows them ............
........... amazing plants"

You had to be quick to catch this series as it only ran for 1 year, 1988-1989.  During this time CBBC made 26, 15 minute episodes. Aimed at pre-schoolers it was usually shown around lunchtime on BBC2.  It has been repeated since but the last time I remember was 2000.

Greenclaws was a big green monster who lived in a greenhouse, he had friends called Iris, Owlma (a mechanical owl) who lived in a tree and his pet parrot, Percy.

Every week, Iris would visit Greenclaws, they would put a seed in a plant pot, put the plant pot inside a tree, then wait for Owlma to alert them that the plant was ready.   When it was ready Greenclaws and Iris had to answer 3 riddles/questions from Owlma.  It's a very good job Iris could speak 'Owl' as Greenclaws couldn't and to us they all sounded the same, "Twit twoo, twoo, twit twit twoo?".  If they got all 3 correct (which they did) then Iris would open the tree to find the plant had grown into something bearing unusual fruit, this always tied into the storyline for that episode.  .

Whilst the plant grew Greenclaws would tell a story about one of his ancestors of Greenclaws, this was always picture illustrations.  

If you want a proper flashback why not check it out on youtube?

What do you remember from the 80's or 90's I could Flashback to?

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