Friday 7 March 2014

Congratulations to us........

....a new baby ........ and we didn't even know it.

ok not quite..... no, this isn't going to be one of those "I gave birth in a toilet without knowing I was pregnant" stories that fill the papers.  This is the story of how the NHS need to check their facts a little more carefully.

When I was at work on Thursday I got a phone call, I couldn't answer it so it went to voicemail.  It was a message from the local health visiting team about my visit, "tomorrow at 2.30".  REALLY, nice to have some notice.  We assumed it would be to carry out Noah's 3-year checks (eek my baby is 3 next month!) so I asked hubby (who was at home) to give them a call and re-arrange as that clashes with school run.  He rang and left a message giving them his number to call back.

An hour later I get ANOTHER phone call at work from the Health Visiting team but this time i could take the call so I did.  'Simon' wanted to confirm tomorrows appointment, he was absolutely astounded that I was at work so soon after having a baby.  I explained I didn't have a baby at that my 'baby' was now 3-years old and was the meeting for him.  Simon said no they no longer do those checks and only visit new baby's and was I sure I'd not just had a baby.  I did a few quick checks and confirmed that no I was pretty confident I'd not just had a baby.

After he had checked that I was the correct "Laura" that he was speaking too (clearly not, I thought we had already ascertained that) I explained that the people in the house we had just moved out of would have done (as they were due 2 weeks ago) and the people who used to live in our new house probably did have (confirmed today by a letter for them about their little ones vaccinations).  He was pretty sure this wasn't the case and asked if anyone else in my house had had a baby - ermmm unless my husband and 2 small boys have something they are hiding from me I am pretty sure not.

I was told that it "must be an error" - really you surprise me!!  I was not told the data would be taken off my records, in fact I'm not even convinced I got a proper apology.

I'm not sure why any of this should surprise me as the Maternity hospital were adamant Noah was my first baby.  Every nurse I spoke to looked at my notes and told me how excited I must be for my first child and how not to expect a quick labour with my 1st (but that's a tale in itself for another time)...... I kept telling them I already had one child 2 years ago (and a miscarriage) but it wasn't until I physically produced Ben as evidence that they believed me (and even now I'm not convinced).

Even the health visitor when she came to see Noah at home for the first time walked in, looked at my notes and said "he's not your first baby" as it was the same one I'd seen at clinics and classes with Ben.

Am now off to find out how to access all my medical records to see just what they DO say about me!!!  And one thing is for sure I WON'T be paying the cost for accessing them!!

I did ask my manager for Maternity Leave given this new information as clearly I've not bonded with my baby properly ....... but it was refused .... I don't know why?!

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