Saturday, 7 June 2014

a rambly post

I never really know what to title these ones, they're a bit of general rambling, lots of things I want to post so I can keep a record (tho probably no ones cares about).

I hate rainy weekends with no plans.  I don't need to go anywhere, I have no kids parties to entertain the boys and can't really afford to take them anywhere.  I'm kinda hoping that the big play center they love have a freebie day tomorrow (as I certainly can't justify the £10+ to take them).


I've had paperwork building up for months and months (I don't really think I touched it properly since we moved in in November) and it was in sooo many random places.   Well anyway I hid myself away in my bedroom this morning while the kids played didn't kill each other... next thing I knew it was 1pm (I'd been there 5 hours) and I'd only had to sort out minor episodes like Noah (my 3yr old) tipping my whole tub of Mighty Grip Powder over the stairs (this stuff is more expensive then gold dust) he had also managed to find a clear bottle of nail varnish in a 'stuff' box which he had painted his nails hands with and spilt on the carpet.                The good news is the paperwork is away (until I discover some I'd forgotten about) and I've found the sponsor form for Bens fun day (seriously we now how to sponsor the kids to play!!) which I'd forgotten about, next Wednesday.
            I also now have a HUGEE box of shredding, which is going to be a problem as my shredder cuts out every 10 minutes or so.  Time for a new one I think.

Meal Planning

In a bid to save money I MUST start meal planning again.   If you have followed any of my earlier posts around this you will know it's virtually impossible.  This is what my cupboard/ freezer looks like without having to buy anything so fingers crossed hubby will refrain from buying anything.

Here I go (hope it makes sense).

Family meals
Saturday (me and kids only) - shepherds pie
Sunday - homemade KFC
one weeknight - Pie and mash

The rest of the week the do-it-yourself meals are:
golden drummers
bacon grill
hot dogs

served with:
potato pockets
crusty rolls


Should be a pretty easy week..... *fingers crossed*

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  1. Good luck with the meal planning....I have found it saves a lot of money and waste!