Thursday, 19 June 2014

Elevease Shower Step (White) - a review

A scene that most women will be familiar with .... you are doing that one legged hoppy dance around the shower while you try to shave your legs..... well Elevease is the answer!!

Available in Chrome or White, to match your other bathroom furnishings, the Elevease attaches to your wall with glue (however I have been assured it removes easily) making it stable and strong for use.

Women don't just shave in the shower tho, we carry out a million and one tasks (namely because if you are anything like me it is the only room in the house you can lock your children out of :) ).  so when the washing, exfoliating and nail clipping is finished you can use the step to help you apply your tanning or moisturising
products or nail varnish application... the possibilities are endless.

What's in the box?

In the box you get your shower step (in white or chrome), a very generous tube of adhesive and a set of easy to follow instructions.

Easy to fit

It really is as easy as 1-2-3 (well -4) to fit the Elevease Shower Step.

1) Make sure the wall is clean and dry
2) apply adhesive (supplied) to the back of the Elevease Shower Step
3) stick to the wall at about 50cm, however height will vary as you stick where most appropriate for you (knee height is suggested)
4) Leave for 24 hours to ensure it is stuck fast.

How do I buy?

UK buyers can buy from Elevease direct at ....

and retail at £15.97 for the white step and £19.97 for a chrome one.

Not only can you enjoy free postage but you can also pay with paypal.

Disclaimer:  I was sent an Elevease Shower Step free of charge for this post, however the thoughts and opinions remain my own.  Images are mainly courtesy of Elevease as I didn't think you'd want to look at my legs :)

post originally from 19/6/2014 but updated to reflect new information on 28/11/14.

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