Monday, 9 June 2014

#bookadayuk June 9th Film or TV Tie In

I have to admit I am a sucker for books that tie into films or TV programmes.  Normally I end up disappointed that the film/ programme just hasn't done the book justice, or a scene/ character hasn't been portrayed in the way I thought they would be.  If I read it after the event I find them a bit harder as bits that have been missed out seem surreal when read in print as I can't hear the actors saying the words, or I get bored that they are not over with yet.

Sometimes I watch a TV program or film just because I have read the book and sometimes I buy the book to see what the show has missed out, or on the recommendation of friends.

Perhaps tho, one of the best set of TV tie in books are the Mock The Week ones.

Running since 2005, Mock the Week is (in my opinion) the best comedy show on BBC2.  It regularly features Hugh Dennis and Andy Parsons and is hosted by Dara O'Briain.  Previous stars have included Chris Addison, Rory Bremner, Frankie Boyle, Michael McIntyre and Russell Howard.

Whilst the books cannot take on the rounds some of the lines it it are well loved and remembered from having been used.  Some of them to the point you can almost hear the comedian saying them.

The categories in the books are similar to 'scene's we'd like to see' but are renamed "unlikely....." or "bad things/ ways to......"

For example:

"Unlikely things to read in a first aid manual" ........ "when approaching the scene of an accident: Stop, Apply the handbrake and turn off your engine.  Definitely do it in this order or you might make things worse".

"bad things to hear at work"............... "Sod the tea break, where's the bar?"

"Unlikely things to hear on daytime TV" ............ "Now Friends - the one you haven't seen before"

"Bad Titles for love songs" ...... "Go on then, you'll do".

"Lines You Won't Hear in Dr Who" .... "Here's your new assistant, Doctor -- she's fifty-eight and happily married."

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