Monday, 30 June 2014

And the Liebster award goes to...

EEEEKKKKK My first ever award .... does a little happy dance.  Doesn't it look pretty......I'm just gonna pop it right there on my blog for everyone to see :)

My award was presented to me by the ever rambling Tracey at Tantrums And Glitter.

The origins of the award

Well this question is harder then how the world began to find the answer to.  There appear to be 3 or 4 (or more) rules for the award and how to pass it onto other deserving bloggers.  It should be award to your favourite blogs that have 200 followers or less (new bloggers) ... however long ago in the sands of time (or when blogging began) it was anyone with less then 3,000 followers.

It's basically another way to share some favourite reads with others and show them your appreciation for their words.

EEEKKK I got an award.... now what

Upon receiving this nomination it would be lovely if you have time to nominate another 5 bloggers and give them 5 questions to answer .... hopefully they will do the same and so on and so on...

So many blogs that I follow are hugly accomplished.  I don't know how many real blog followers I have, and therefore no way of knowing how many followers you have (perhaps that is why it was originally 3,000?) so I have used bloglovin numbers for guidance :) Therefore apologies if you have more then 200 ... you can still play :

My nominations go to

1) Samantha at Create it Samantha
2) Cottage Retreatist 
3) Vicki at EllieBearBabi
4) Ashlie at Sugar Rushed
5) Lindsey at 101 things to do with kids

If you are anything like me life is hectic enough that you hardly get time to Blog, so please don't feel obliged to write a post or if you have already received this award in the past, but just know that I think you are fab!

If you would like to take part then here are your 5 questions:

1) How long ago did you start your blog?
2) Why did you decide to blog?
3) What is your favourite thing to blog about?
4) Do your family and friends know you blog?
5) A very random, unrelated question ........ what is your favourite Sunday dinner?

Here are the answers to the 5 questions that I was given:

1. What are your favourite type of posts to write/read?

I love reading down to earth posts from other mums who moan about their children.  It is soo helpful to know my children are not really little devils they are just normal ... it doesn't help but it makes the vodka go down easier.

2. How much time do you spend on blogging?

Not enough.  In my head I would like to say I spend 3-4 hours a day blogging with longer at weekends.  In reality by the time I have checked Twitter, refreshed and checked Twitter again, looked at my Facebook account, read some blog posts and decided what I am going to write about I probably have 1-2 hours actual blog writing time.

3. What do your friends and family think about your blog?

Although they now know about it (I outed myself when ITV mentioned our hunt for little bear) I don't *think* they actually read it.  At least they never mention it.  (great for my ego eh!)

4. Have you ever attended any blogging events?

I went to the Midlands Blogger Meetup last year which was amazing, and fingers crossed there's one coming up in Sheffield in August that I have a ticket for.  But not managed to make it to any of the big ones :(  I think I'd feel a bit like a fish out of water without my comfort blanket (aka my boys) but I'd love to go one day for the experience.

5. Describe yourself in 3 words

tired, bubbly and procrastinator.

So here's your Liebster ... I hope you pass it on,


  1. Thank you for the nomination Chickywiggle! My first ever nomination of my little blog! Much appreciated! xx

  2. Thanks for answering all my questions ;) I will keep the info in mind and moan about my kids a bit more often! x

  3. Thanks for answering my questions, I will bare them in mind and moan about my kids a bit more often ;) x