Friday 6 June 2014

#bookaday June 6th The One I always give as a gift

Such a tough tough choice as I don't tend to give books as gifts unless it is kids birthday presents, then they choose what they like.

I did however join in with World Book Night when it started and the 2 years following (sadly they didn't want me in 2014 :( ).

If you've not heard of World Book Night it is an annual celebration, run by the Reading Agency, which takes place on 23 April. Every year they ask for passionate volunteers to give hundreds of thousands of books away in their communities and share their love of reading with people who, for whatever reason, don’t read for pleasure or own books.

It was set up by the charity in the UK as they found that 35% of people don’t regularly read.  By giving away free books in these areas it helps to encourage those who have lost the love of reading – or are yet to gain it – to pick up a book and read.

Across the UK various events are organised to assist in passing on the books or volunteers can go into the community.  I recall someone in Sheffield was deemed a mad man after he chased people down Fargate to try and get them to take a book.

Books I have loved and shared through World Book Night are:

2011 - Alexander Masters - Stuart: A Life Backwards

2013 - Sophie Hannah - Little Face

I would recommend these, to anyone who wants something new to try as I loved them and I really enjoyed gifting them to others/

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