Tuesday, 10 June 2014

#bookadayuk June 10th Reminds me of someone I love

I was very stuck on this one...what book could possibly remind me of someone I love? Is it my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that I took to read on the beach in Rome on my honeymoon? Perhaps it Noah's favourite book at the moment, Superworm. No....

Is it memories of my mum reading me Toms Midnight Garden?  Or being reminded of my dad taking me to the cinema as a child whenever I read The Lion King to Ben?

No..... after careful careful consideration the book that best reminds me of the one I love has to be .....The biggest book in the world....it contains over 1500 pages!!  Photographs,  descriptions .... prices and a catalogue number.

It comes in a range of colours and there is something in it for everyone.

Yes the book that most reminds me of a loved one (well I suppose I have to say that about my husband) has to be ..............

The "Laminated Book of  Dreams"......

The Argos Catalogue.

First introduced in 1973 who hasn't sat at Christmas (yes I still do) with Argos book in one hand and paper in the other writing their Christmas lists.  I remember teaching 3yr olds one year who cut out their choices and stuck on a paper stocking.

But what does this have to do with reminding me of my husband?  Actually although sad, the story is pretty simple.

I LOVE the Argos catalogue, I love the feel and smell of a new one, I love getting it the day it comes out and flicking through the pictures and everything I can't afford.  

Everyone will know the Argos catalogue is released twice a year, the Spring/ Summer edition in January and an Autumn/ Winter one in July...... now I got married in July .... not just any old day in July ....... July the 28th 2007.

Have you put 2 and 2 together yet??

Yes July 28th 2007 was the day of the Argos Autumn/ Winter catalogue launch.

I had joked to friends leading up to my big day how I was going to have to cancel the wedding to be able to get my Argos catalogue .....

Then the big day arrived ..... filled with nerves I went to get my hair done in Penrith with my mum and sister.  They'd messed up the booking and there was one hairdresser to do all 3 of us.  So after having my waves perfected I went into Penrith on a hunt for Bacon sandwiches ..... then the Argos shop caught my eye ..... The call of the big blue book ...........so I crossed the road ...........

............ and returned to the hairdressers with sandwiches AND my Argos catalogue.

One things for sure, I'll never forget my wedding anniversary as the catalogue is released around the same date every year.

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