Wednesday, 25 June 2014

That moment when just hearining one song can take you back 14 years ....

I blogged back in September that songs reminded me of moments in my life, but until tonight I hadn't remembered just how many remind me of ex-boyfriends.......

1999/ 2000 (ish) - around 18 years old - Dan.  Dan was lovely, he was my "oh my god how did I score someone like you" boyfriend......... I cannot listen to Queen's "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" without remembering him.  It was the tune he'd put on first whenever we went to the pub.

2001 - 19/20 years old - Danny (can you sense a theme lol).  Apart from my husband Danny was my longest love, we had our fair share of ups, downs and scares in the year (ish) we were together.  Anyway, 'our song' was Enrique Inglasis "Hero", mainly becuase we used to spend Sunday Nights curled up with the Pepsi Network Chart Show.

I met my husband, Rob, when I was at University in 2004, HE thinks 'our song' is Bryan Adam's Heaven as that's what we chose for our first dance ( a word of helpful advice... don't .... it's longer then you think!).  But it's not, not really.  For me your song should be one that reminds you of a really special, unstaged time.  For ME, our song will always be Justin Timberlake's Senorita.  THIS is the song me and my friend were grinding up to when she told me he'd been looking at me all night and couldn't keep his eyes off me.
 THIS is the song I remember dancing with him to in nightclubs after I'd bagged him  (well that's if you can call Sporties and The WheelieBin clubs!, Ambleside and Windermere weren't great for nightlife).  

WHAT I hear you exclaim you only had 2 boyfriends before your husband?? Well No (that's a tale for another day) I only LOVED 2 men before my husband.  There's a difference.  For some reason I can only remember songs for the ones I actually had long lasting feelings for.  Dan was my 'first', it was short lived love due to him cheating on me when he went to uni but he was my first none the less.

Danny was my big love, if I ever had to have a second choice it's him I'd hunt out (and yes I have been known to face- and tweet-stalk him so he is stll unmarried lol... for some reason i can't bring myself to 'friend' him, it seems disloyal).

And Rob, well we've been together 10 years this year (married for 7) EEEKKKK so it stands to reason I would remember our song.

Do you want to know a secret..... listen in ... closer .... closer.... Kyle Minogue's 'Locomotion' also reminds me of a boyfriend.  I was perhaps ... 7 maybe 8 years old, his name was Matthew and I kissed him behind a tree in the school playground.  As far as I am aware that made us boyfriend and girlfriend for at least.... that lunch time.  Why the Locomotion?  We had an infant school teacher called Miss Jacobs, she was young and pretty.  One year she taught us a dance routine to the Locomotion which we performed at our school fair.

Strange what you remember isn't it?!!

What songs take you back to loves past and present??


  1. Love this post, I wonder how many of us used to listen to the Pepsi chart show! The Locomotion for a lunch time boyfriend seems appropriate some how!

    1. and you used to sit with the pause on the tape recorder to stop and start when recording the songs. Ahhh loved Foxy. :)