Monday, 2 June 2014

#bookaday June 2nd Best Bargain

My best book bargain ..... ohhhh tough one.

Is it the Poddington Peas book I picked up at a boot sale for just 5p?  or the bundle of Puddle Lane books I got for £10 delivered?  Perhaps it is the one that cost me £7.99 but has been read constantly.

I think my best book bargain has to be the Songbirds Series by Oxford Reading Tree (ORT).  Almost 2 years ago when my niece started school she brought home these books to
learn to read.  They are great, simple stories with some repetition but not too much that gradually give the
children confidence to read more and more.  They are written by Julia Donaldson, who wrote the Gruffalo with lovely illustrations .

  I instantly tried to find them for Ben as he loved it but with an RRP of £130  for the set it was not going to happen.  It's not that I don't value Literacy, we already own the Biff and Chip ORT series and Puddle Lane and 300+ other books.
  The Book People had had these on offer for a fabulous price of around £15 but at the time of looking they had sold out.  I tweeted, emailed and hunted for a Book People supplier who had a set left but to no avail.  and then.... last month..... the Book People delivered to work... the full set (36 books) for £15 (£16.99 online).  BARGAN!!!  I snapped them up, especially as our local team had an offer on that when you spent £15 you got a free book (we ordered Superworm).

They cover various styles of writing such as plays and speech as well as a mix of fiction and non-fiction.

"Jack and the Giants", a stage 6
focusing on play  
"Miss!  Miss!!, a stage 2
focusing on speech bubbles
"Tadpoles", a stage 4
focusing on non-fiction

I cannot recommend these books enough for Early Literacy and will be starting Noah on the early ones in the next few months when he starts at Nursery.

Click here to access The Book People Website

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