Monday, 23 June 2014

The most important outdoor event to hit Sheffield...........

...........and NO I am not talking about the Tour De France (this is a sore point... do not ask.. tho it may be blogged about)!.  No, I am talking about My Sleep Out.... well not MY sleep out but the one organised by the Cathedral Archer Project in Sheffield that we are aiming to take part in.

What is 'My Sleep Out'?

My Sleep Out is held on Saturday 12th July and is an awareness and fundraising campaign for the Cathedral Archer Project which challenges you to give up your bed for the night.  All you need to take part is a sleeping bag and a roll mat  .... If you don't have these a blanket and piece of cardboard would do.

My Sleep Out can be done independently, in your back garden or as an event in your community... we will be praying it stays dry and using our back garden.

Why did 'My Sleep Out' come to be?

The Cathedral Archer project directly helps homeless people in Sheffield, by removing a part of your life that you may take for granted, My Sleep Out helps you better understand the impact homelessness can have on a person.

The Cathedral Archer Project (CAP) is a day centre that helps people who are homeless, this can include sleeping rough as well as using occasional hostel spaces, camping on friends’ floors and sofas, and squatting. Their vision is to help homeless people create homes and lives enriched by its space, content and the sense of belonging it brings, it offers a place of safety, warmth and support which I am sure is appreciated in the recent British Weather we have experienced.

When clients (for want of a better word) arrive at CAP they are given access to food, showers, medical support and much more.  They work to build individual  self-esteem and motivation to help them take steps towards stability. Activities in the project give clients the chance to explore new hobbies and gain a greater sense of self-awareness and achievement. Educational activities help clients learn new skills and work towards volunteer roles. For many this volunteering experience gives responsibility and the encouragement and ability to work towards stability, employability and moving on.

How can I take part?

You don't need any special skills, qualities or equipment to take part.  Additionally whilst the project IS based in Sheffield and therefore supports the local homeless community ANYONE ANYWHERE is more than welcome to take part.

We all know my passion for Social Media, it is such a good way to get the message across and I shall be tweeting and facebooking as the night gets closer and unfolds

- Following and mentioning the CAP:  @archerproject
- Including the hashtag: #mysleepout

- Following and mentioning the CAP:  Cathedral Archer Project

I must admit to not using Instagram, however if you do they can be found at @archerproject

On all platforms the suggestions are to:

- Take a selfie with a #mysleepout cardboard sign - make it your profile picture
- Update your status with links to your JustGiving Page (more info on this in a minute)
- Obtaining sponsorship for every hour you last outside?
- Uploading pictures during the event itself and tagging the people with you.

Sponsorship and Donating?

My Sleep Out gives you a great chance to support homeless adults in Sheffield by raising funds for the Cathedral Archer Project.

I've set up a Justgiving page for the event here, so if anyone wants to show their support I would love it if you could donate even just a small amount.

If you are taking part then setting up a Justgiving page is easy:
1. visit:
2. Click on “Fundraise for us”
3. Log in or register if prompted
4. Click on “Organised event”
5. Click on “My Sleep Out”
6. Follow the steps to personalise!

Once set up you can email, tweet and share your personal page.  You are automatically given a justgiving code when you sign up which, when shared, allows people to donate up to £10 via text message.  They also have a facebook app.

Alternatively, if you contact or phone 0114 321 2317 and they will happily send you out more information including a free participation pack with an old fashioned fundraiser sheet in.

What if it rains?

Whilst I appreciate the homeless do not have a choice in weather conditions it would be unfair for me to ask the boys to sleep outside if it is raining (and to be honest I don't much fancy that, it was bad enough in a tent) so if weather conditions are against us we shall be utilising the front room or dining room instead.

Of course if anyone is organising a local (Hillsborough) sleepout please do get in touch as we'd love to join you.

I'm busy on the 12th July, can I join in another time?

On Friday 5th September there is a large community sleep out at Sheffield Cathedral.  This gives an opportunity to join others and discuss your experience as well as learning about the work CAP are doing to help homeless adults in Sheffield.

Places are limited and you do need to book onto this one.

picture courtesy of CAP

Where can I find out more?

                                      Facebook  follow on Twitter website  e-mail Sam at CAP

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